#6 The Next Epidemic is Cancer

Pathologist Dr Ryan Cole predicts that the next epidemic will be cancer caused by the covid jabs stating – we are already seeing the signs. Is there any wonder that the next epidemic will be cancer? Which also begs the question ‘if the field of medicine battles to prevent and cure cancer why then do the health authorities allow so many carcinogens in our daily food, toiletries and other products?

A new bill has been introduced in Idaho that would make the administration of experimental mRNA COVID-19 jabs illegal.

When asked in congress how long 2 yr olds were to be forced to wear masks, CDC director Rochelle Walensky replied that there was no plan to remove the mandate.

In a public appeal footballer Matt Le Tissier said ‘people were coerced with military grade psychological operations into the taking this new gene therapy technology that’s masquerading as a vaccine. They were made to think if they didn’t take it they were an anti-vaxxer or a granny killer. This should have been the first red flag.

Under the covid frenzy parents were ordered to stick the PCR test-pin all the way up to the blood/brain barrier. Why? That certainly not the location of any virus. It is though one of the most delicate and dangerous spots in our bodies. Strangely most photos of the testing of children have now been wiped from the internet.