#4 We’re Drowning in Lies

Pfizer Director of Research & Development – Strategic Operations and mRNA scientific planning Dr Jordan Walker became desperate and started fighting with reporters that had recorded him bragging on a date. Walker stated that Pfizer was mutating the viruses to make them more potent, what is formally known as gain of function but what Pfizer seemingly now has renamed Directed Evolution.

Pfizer and Google have collaborated to keep this from the public eye. As usual. No mainstream media coverage.

Inventor of the mRNA technology Dr Robert Malone has this to say about Jordan’s revelations….

England is no longer recommending the covid jabs for the under 50s. Defilibrators, or heart starters are now being deployed in schools. Children are being sent home with brochures and a recommendation to book a heart scan. Since when did young children begin to have heart attacks? 

Denmark has also banned the covid jab for the under 50s whilst Norway is recommending it for pregnant mothers and babies from 6 months. Norway does this despite that press outlets reveal that the European Medical Associations approval of the covid jab for children has so far resulted in a 698% increase in child excess deaths in Europe.

Lockdown didn’t work, masks didn’t work, jabs didn’t work. Even so the Norwegian Government now intends to make permanent the Emergency Response Law that was put into place giving the government the right to impose the draconian measures on the population as they see fit or under instruction of WHO. Will the Norwegians wake up and protest to being trapped forever in this fascist system? Time only will tell 

This is what European Member of Parliament Christine Anderson has to say about the handling of the pandemic:

In a video on Twitter MIT-professor in Analyticsand Risk Management in Health Systems, Retsef Levi demands the pulling of the market of all mRNA products and the immediate stop of jabbing programmes. ‘Clearly the most failing medical product in the history of medical products both in terms of efficacy and safety How did we end up in a situation that it’s also the most profitable medical product in the history of medical products’?

And Dr Peter McCullough says that the jabs are having the opposite effect:

Oh, and by the way there is an entire continent that skipped the jab and its people aren’t dying suddenly. Let that sink in as we’re drowning in lies…