#8 The Bat is Out of The Bag

Mainstream news is now reporting truth about the coronavirus. That it not from bats in a wetmarket but man-made and ‘leaked’ from a lab.The U.S. Energy Department reported 2 days ago that the coronavirus probably leaked from a lab rather than jumping from animals to humans, a belief that was once considered to be little more than a conspiracy theory.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has declared that Disney as a functioning government is to end. Disney is increasingly indoctrinating young children with issues on sexuality and gender change. 

Commenting on the NANO LIPID PARTICLES in the MRNA jabs Biologist and immunology researcher Dr Jessica Rose states there are things declared not fit for human use, or even veterinary use.

Brazil’s President Lula da Silva just made a stunning announcement about the covid jab. “Get your child jabbed or else we’ll take away your government assistance.” The World Health Organization, funded by Bill Gates, has been pushing for mandatory jabs for children.

The animal farming industry is about to be overtaken by mRNA vaccines, which will likely kill a shocking number of farm animals as well as contaminate the meat supply with mRNA artifacts such as spike proteins. 

Despite the WHO being wrong about almost everything under the pandemic, despite deaths, destroyed lives and livelihoods around the world, the Biden administration is supporting the Power Grab and willing to hand over authority over US pandemic policies.