#3 Where have all the babies gone?

The mRNA injections are a “shotgun blast” to the brain and reproductive organs according to Dr Robert Chandler. In an interview with Dr Naomi Wolfe he describes the in- depth dangers occurring in the female reproductive systems, dysregulation of the the genome, hormonal imbalance, and other alarming effects following the mRNA jabbing. There is a jaw- dropping global crash in live births, rises in miscarriage rates and fertility concerns. Dr. Naomi Wolfe also reports that the Pfizer Documents reveal “the greatest crime against humanity” since WW2.

Among other news, Germany’s all cause mortality doubled in the first quarter of 2022. Norway sees a 133% increase in number of claims for compensation after vaccine injury. A 5 month old baby boy died in his sleep after he was given 9 vaccines at once- including the covid shot.

Watch the video for more in depth news from around the world.

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