#5 WHO Stranglehold

Truthseeker News 5: A growing number of doctors won’t get boosters. As for the UK numbers are reduced with 97% of the NHS appointments for jabbing remaining open. The UK ends boosters as new alarming data arises. The numbers are out and they don´t add up. Official data reveals that 176 or more people are going to hospital because of the jab to prevent 1 being hospitalized with covid.


The European Commission is working on a new law that takes the surveillance of its citizens to an extreme stranglehold. ‘Chat Control’ will monitor all phone calls, SMS, messaging apps, mail etc


Influencers, celebrities including TV doctors have allowed themselves to be used by publicly mocking those who have chosen not to get jabbed. Well the universe works in wondrous ways and karma dealing lessons. A Norwegian Pfizer propagandist and comedian has been admitted to hospital with a heart condition. Both Celine Dion and Justin Bieber demanded that all fans wishing to attend their concerts be fully jabbed. Both Dion and Bieber are now themselves sick and unable to perform.


Originally an advisory body, turned instructing body the WHO is now controlled by capitalists who are aiming to becoming a world covid government, bulldozing the sovereignty of nations. It is not an authentic international organization. In the amendments to their International Health Regulations they propose removing human rights, leaving citizens powerless. If they pull off their proposed treaty they can declare a public emergency at will. We will be totally at their mercy. They can lock us down test, mask us, quarantine and inject and medicate us with any method of unscientific means, as they already have done under the plandemic.