#7 Is It Dangerous? You Bet It Is!

Pharmaceutical expert Sasha Latypova knew immediately that something was gravely wrong when the jabs were launched. She doesn’t parse her words and shoots with lacerating clarity. Sasha says: Until a full investigation has taken place don’t take any injections.

PFIZER: In an ongoing case where they are being sued for fraud, Pfizer has stated in court ‘Please dismiss this case judge. We did not defraud the government, we delivered the fraud that the government ordered.’

CHILDREN ARE DAMAGED: The COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant damage to children and young people – to their mental health and neurodevelopment. It not only appears to have led to poorer mental health but their brains show physical signs of reduced cortical thickness, larger hippocampal and amygdala volume, and more advanced brain age.

SPERM DESTROYED: Speaking on the effects the mRNA jabs have on the sperm on jabbed men, Professor of Pathology Dr Arne Buckhardt states: “If I were a woman of fertile age, I would not plan a motherhood from…a man who has been vaccinated” 

INFORM OF HEART ATTACKS: Doctors in Florida have been instructed to warn people that they could suffer a heart attack from after the covid shot

INSECTS: Insects have been approved as food for humans – and there is no requirement for labelling about the maggot, cockroach, cricket, mash and the parasites they carry inside them that are being mixed in our food. And now an application for a patent has been submitted for the addition of graphene oxide into the insect feed.

mRNA IN VACCINTATED BLOOD: A study finds that vaccinated blood is contaminated with covid jab mRNA. This begs the question, if and when you need blood, what will you choose?

AUTISM: Autism in Children has skyrocketed since 1983 when the figures were 1 in 10 000. In 2008 there were 1 in 150 ,and in 2013 1 in 88.

BIRTH RATES PLUNGE: In country after country, birth rates plunge in heavily vaccinated countries. The drop occurred sharply nine months after peak jabbing period. 

Canadian doctor William Makis reports ‘According to my research, deaths of Canadian doctors under the age of 30 increased by 900% The youngest doctor to date is 25 yr old Anthony Chifor who was forced to take 3 jabs by his medical college’.

It seems the media has a phobia for truth. Anything and everything is written to distract from what should be the headlines – how the jab is destroying lives, livelihoods, families and the world.

Don’t be a victim of ignorance!