The Moral Compass of Doctors

Here are messages from 3 brave doctors who would rather walk away from their jobs than practice unethical, harmful medicine.

Dr Kirk Moore, MD:

I truly hate that we perpetuate the use of word ‘vaccine’ when speaking of the Covid jab. A vaccine is supposed to stimulate an immune response that then results in immunity from contracting/transmitting said disease. The theory is sound, the practice is absolutely quite another. 

There has never been a vaccine, EVER, that has actually performed to those required definitions. That has been extremely obvious to anyone who was willing to even look past the ‘safe and effective’ narrative. This most recent ‘vaccine’ attempt has resulted in quite the opposite effect, as well as permanently damaging the host’s immune system along the way (and that’s just for those that survived it!). The facts were known about this jab all along, as with all the other vaccines. People were censored, and de-platformed, true. But that doesn’t excuse anyone from looking at the situation objectively. Educated or not so educated, when someone, anyone, tells you the WHOLE WORLD will require at least 2 jabs in order to save that said WORLD, EVERYONE HAS TO STOP, TAKE A STEP BACK AND THINK 🤔 WHO are these people, WHAT are they saying, and WHY are they saying such crazy things? 

The premise is so flawed to begin with, that anyone with absolutely any critical thought capacity HAS to realize SOMETHING is wrong. Just the fact that the CDC had to change the definition of the word ‘vaccine’ has to set off alarm bells.

I’ll end with this, one of my favorite quotes:

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

-Benjamin Franklin

GP Dr Jannah (video): I will not take the covid vaccines. I cannot accept manipulation and coercion of others to take it. Respect and bodily autonomy comes first and must be respected. So even if it means losing my job I will not support vaccine mandates.

Dr Kate (video): I will not take the covid vaccine. I would never advise anyone to take a medication that they don’t need. They do not prevent transmission. There is mounting evidence that points to the contrary of what is claimed about the vaccines. There is no long term safety data. People are already getting injured and dying. I have been bullied and harassed for exercising my human right to bodily autonomy. The NHS, Government and mainstream media have vilified me and my unvaccinated colleagues calling us selfish, callous and ignorant.