#2 Children are dying, governments are lying and hospitals manipulates statistics

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A groundbreaking ruling this month in the state of New York a Supreme Court Judge has ruled the Covid- 19 vaccine mandate for healthcare workers is now “null, void and of no effect”.

Anthony Fauci infamously used propaganda, lies and manipulation to coerce parents into getting their children injected. In the aftermath of these shots, 118 000 youngsters have died and are placed in the category “died suddenly” by October of 2022 a secret CDC report confirms. The inventor of the mRNA, medical doctor and scientist Robert Malone warned that this would happen more than a year ago.

NHS whistleblowers are confirming that hospitals lied about the cause of death to create the illusion of a Covid pandemic. And at the same time a NHS doctor confirms that Health & Social Staff were instructed to let patients die or “euthanise” them to falsely increase the Covid deaths while the hospitals were empty.

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