FIGHT FOR THE CHILDREN- They will do anything to get the jab into them!

Gillian Godtfredsen is a professional entrepreneur and grandmother.
This is an appeal to parents to guard their children with their lives from the horrors of the vaccine and pcr tests.

Do you remember those first pictures of Chines people falling down on the streets?

Did that happen here?

Do you remember the promise of a vaccine that would save humanity?

Did that happen?

Do you still notice all TV reports day ad and day out about the deathly dangers coming from the PCR test statistics?

What’s being used on us is Military Grade Psychological Warfare – and it’s all about getting people to take the jab – or jabs.

This is confirmed by teams of psychiatrists and lawyers. They also confirm that what is happening is genocide and crimes against humanity. 

The jab – or product going by the false name of vaccine does not fill any of the criteria warranting the name vaccine.

Why? Because it does not protect from. Pathogen  or virus – and because it doesn’t do this the World Health Organisation have changed the definition of a vaccine. The product for which the makers have no liability – and with good reason. Because what the product is doing is killing people in the hundreds of thousands and making millions sick. This is confirmed by the statistics in the few short months this product has been injected into human bodies. This is public knowledge. It’s right in our faces.

History shows THAT bad governments often look for people to blame, often some of their own people, uniting a large part of the population against a smaller part, giving frightened, angry people a focus.

Blaming a minority for the spreading of disease is a ghost we should have laid to rest long ago – but here it is back again – turns out it never went away and no lessons were learned.

Nevertheless, mainstream news in the UK is telling that vaccinated English under 60 are dying at twice the rate of the unvaccinated.

Funeral directors are telling that in 2020 when the pandemic was high there was no increase in deaths.

But in 2021 when the vaccinations started deaths have skyrocketed in all age groups. In babies too who have been carried and/or breastfed by vaccinated mothers.

Pfizer and other drug companies want to block the information for 55 years. Why? If that’s not message enough that something very bad is being covered up then nothing ever will be. And Fauci says that before Christmas they will be giving it to newborns

When the go ahead was given by the FDA and CDC in the States, one of the directors when asked on the safety of this product for children replied. ‘We’ll never know if it’s safe until we’ve given it’

We all know children have a strong and robust immune system and they do not spread or get notably sick from this virus.

And regarding the so called ‘approval’ – it is not approved – it has no approval. They have been given the go ahead to experiment on the children. And the short term results are out there  already – it’s damaging the hearts of our young, beautiful strong children. 

This is not about health. This is not about a disease. It’s about degrading ad enslaving the people of the world.  The moment we say enough, say stop, stop the tests and the jabbing – it’s over – they have nothing to control us with any more. 

So my message today is: Parents guard your children with your life. Those children are in your charge and your job is to a shield and wll of protection for them. That is what you are here for. The people behind this will stop at nothing to get it into their bodies.

Children and yours aare being bribed with money, sweets and gift tokens, and when that doesn’t work, co-erced and bullied to take it. They are falling ill, their young hearts, brains and reproductive systems destroyed for life.

And now the youngest children are sneakily being programmed: Peppa Pig getting her jab, Sesame Street Elmo gets his jab, Telly Tubbies have their vaccine pass, NRK children’s TV sneaking the jab in. Doll’s having the PCR test pin stuck in their nose.

What could be more diabolically disgusting ad evil than to programme our children in this way?

The testing of children twice a week in schools is illegal, immoral and degrading. Thank goodness many parents are now seeing what’s happening and wise enough to say no – instructing the schools to leave their kids alone and throwing out the test. 

Everything important in their future and the future of mankind is linked to those useless tests and that evil bottle. Whether they live or die. Whether they reproduce. What they think. What they feel. Their destiny.

There’s a saying: 

“He who remains silent is deemed to have granted his consent”. So, will we remain silent or will we speak up loud and clear and truthfully?

I will speak my truth. When I die my grandchildren need to know that I fought for them