German doctors discover worms and other things that should never be in vaccines

At a Corona Investigative Conference on 4th December, 2021, a team of German doctors, lawyers and scientists presented their findings after having secured and analysed samples of the ‘covid vaccines’ from different batches and manufacturers. They have also analysed the blood of vaccine recipients. Their discoveries are so mind blowing it is beyond belief.

The ‘warp speed’ development of the ‘covid vaccines’ has baffled the scientific and medical community since the word go. According to virologists and vaccinologists, vaccines take years to develop and this is essential if they are to warrant any degree of safety. But the ‘covid vaccines’ come with neither a warrant of safety nor long term study data – they are an experiment – but the deathly results became apparent as soon as they began to be administered.

Never in history has there been such massive political and media frenzy to market an experimental medical product.
The best PR agencies on the planet have been hired to launch and maintain the marketing campaign that promotes the ‘covid vaccine’.
The ‘covid vaccine’ ingredients are a closely guarded secret – under lock and key for 75 years. The politicians who have signed the contracts with the drug companies that made them have also granted themselves the same protection.

The ‘covid vaccines’ are marketed with a promise to save the world, save lives and give people immunity. Sadly, they are doing quite the opposite.

Citizens have been presented 24/7 with a narrative that is loaded with heavy hypnotic language specifically designed to install fear and deliver embedded command to take the ‘covid vaccine’. The narrative is pumped with words that direct the minds of the millions towards a worst case scenario. Sentences including words like ‘we expect, expected to, fear for, probably will, anxious for, can, develop into, worried for, believe that, think – are all verbally engineered to lead the mind in a desired direction, elicit a desired response and take action according to the embedded command ‘get the jab’.

After the jabbing started deaths skyrocketed and people came down in the hundreds of thousands with serious adverse reactions. Since the ingredients have not been declared it is no easy task to answer what specifically is the cause. But anyone in their right mind can cleary see that there is something in them that is poisonous.