Dr. Heiko Santelmann MD- Circus Corona and my journey through a nightmare.

Dr. Heiko Santelmann MD is a General Practitioner. He has specialist training in Natural Medicine from Germany. Dr Santelmann says that “Fear is the Virus” and that governments together with their partners in the scientific and medical community has covered up the importance and efficiency of early treatments in exchange for the “Quackcine”.

‘The product going under the false name of a “vaccine” has killed more people than all other vaccines combined in the last 40 years. It is genocide, and the manufacturers together with the governments, medical personell and all others involved who promote it, are committing crimes agains humanity.’

Dr. Santelmann is taking those responsible for this disaster in Norway to court to stop the injections. When he and another Norwegian doctor discovered that the vaccine manufacturers had declared two ingredients, that on the webpage of the supplier, were declared to be “unfit for human use” they began legal proceedings against the leading health officials in Norway. The information on the suppliers website has since been deleted.

Tens of thousands of doctors and scientists have joined forces and come forward with a totally different science and perspective on covid 19 vaccines than that presented and marketed by governments and the media. These doctors and scientists are being systematically censored, persecuted and shut down on social media and other platforms. The real truth is being called ‘disinformation’ and they are branded in the same category of millions of others as ‘conspiracy theorists’. What is it that they do not want us to hear? 

Dr. Santelmann is actively involved in cooperative ventures with World Freedom Alliance, World Council for Health, Common Law Court, European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance and others.

Watch Dr. Santelmann’s presentation made on 3rd January, 2022. He is no longer afraid of the consequences of speaking out, and hopes that by doing so he can save the lives of those not yet injected with the poison. The presentation is in two parts.

Doc Heiko Circus Corona part 1
Doc Heiko Circus Corona part 2