Worldwide Rally for Freedom Oslo 22nd January, 2022

Thousands of people gathered in the streets of Oslo to participate in The Worldwide Rally for Freedom.

The media has deserted the people. They are controlled by the dark side and will never share with you any information about this. If they do, it will be to mock and harass. So in these beyond belief times it is up to us, the people, to be the media and share the truth . Here is a selection of speakers and also some photos from the Rally. Videos are only available in Norwegian.

Listen to Dr. Sjur Even Aunmoe, one of the few doctors that has informed his patients about the hazards of these lethal injections. And he has paid the price, as he last week was fired from his job in Oslo. It is truly a shame to see how our society is treating these brave men and women.

Dr. Sjur Even Aunmoe

Nor, 12 years old and clear as a bell: “We are at war”:

Nor part 1

Nor part 2

Leader of the group “Parents who do not consent to testing and vaccination of children” Line Karlsen was also among the speakers:

Line Karlsen

And then we took to the streets of Oslo, and as we marched with our torches bypassers joined us and chanted with us ‘no to vaccine pass. Yes to Freedom’.

Nei til Coronapass- Ja til Frihet!