“It is always darkest before dawn” Dr Reiner Fuellmich speaking at the Childrens Health Defense Press Conference, Brussels 23rd January, 2022

Alongside Dr. Fuellmich in the panel are Dr. Astrid Stucklberger and Lawyer Viviane Fischer. This is from the press conference organised by the International Children’s Health Defense. They were among the several speakers concerned about the current policy and the future of our young generations.

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Reiner Fuellmich

“They say it is always darkest before dawn. Before the light comes on. This means that things will get better. We will get rid of the mask mandate, social distancing,and most importantly; the very dangerous shots. But his will not happen if we stand at the sidelines and wait for someone to turn on the light, or the cavalry to come riding in and save us. This time we are the cavalry – and this time we have to turn on the light. I’m saying this not because I had a dream but because this is what more than 150 scientists, experts and others from all over the world have told us on our Corona Investigative Committee over the course of more than one and half years. 

These people include Dr Mike Yeadon, formerly of Pfizer, Dr Robert Malone,inventor of mRNA vaccines, Professor Luc Montagnier, Nobel Prize Winner but also Professor Alexandra Henrion-Caude, Vera Sharav and others. Now even politicians, members of the European Parliament. These people are my and Vivianne’s guidestones. I’ll say to hell with the Georgia Guidestones, my most important guidestone is Vera Sharav. 

The most important thing we, that is all of us, can do is to bring out the truth. Bring out those facts that make up the pieces of a pretty scary puzzle, so that we can see the whole of the pretty scary picture. Because only if we know what’s really going on, no matter how scary it is will we be able to make the right choices.

Well if this is a puzzle of 1000 pieces we now have about 900 pieces in place. It let’s us see enough of the picture to know:

1. We cannot trust our governments and our politicians, because they are not our governments and our politicians any more. But rather they have been served as courtesy of the Davos clique or “Mr Global” mostly through it’s Young Global Leaders Programme. 

2. We cannot trust the mainstream media any more because they are owned by the Davos Clique and therefore we cannot trust anything these two; politicians and mainstream media are telling us about this so-called pandemic, which is really a plandemic in the sense that they, the Davos Clique or “Mr Global” have been planning this as their agenda for many years. 

The panic mongering was designed by psychologists and psychiatrists and the means through which they convey their panic propaganda to us, is through those politicians and the mainstream media. However, we can now see through all this. 

We now know that the PCR test on which all their measures are based, cannot tell us anything about infections and that there are no asymptomatic infections. And we know that this virus, no matter if it is natural or part or wholly man-made, is no more dangerous than the common flu. What is dangerous of course, extremely dangerous, are the shots which they call vaccinations 

These crimes against humanity must be stopped and they will be stopped. The only one who can do this however is us, yes we, the lawyers, we will do our best to help.  We have an international group of lawyers that will start an international judicial proceeding very soon, probably at the end of next week. And there will be a real judge, real lawyers, real expert witnesses and real witnesses who will testify to the damage they suffered because of the measures and in particular beause of the shots.

I am confident that through this proceeding we will get indictments against these defendants whom we consider dangerous war criminals. But it is much moreimportant to get out the whole truth of what is happening to the people of the world so that they can see the whole picture. Because it is we the people who will stop this. No-one else. And we the people will have to disconnect from this totallycorrupt and criminal system and create our own system of healthcare, economics, education and of course a whole new judiciary. It’s happening already. This is happening in our communities and in our regions. The only place where we can tailor-make this new society so that it fits perfectly well. And of course we must get rid of the globalist structures through which the Davos Clique/”Mr Global”is desperately trying to gain complete control over us. 

This I believe is the only way to get out and get up. See and understand what is really going on and take action based upon what we can see. Turn away from the criminal Davos Clique and its puppets and create something brand new, completely independent of this rotten system.  We  will get help – and I believe it will be very powerful help but we have to get moving. Our criminal proceeding will bring out the truth, through a judicial proceeding and will hopefully be a motivator for all of us in our communities and our regions to disconnect from the global criminals and their system and create something much better and finally much more humane. 

There will be lots of clean-up to do and we as lawyers will be happy to that but again, the turnaround can only be achieved by all of us. It can be done and it will be done and I am confident that our judicial proceeding will be a very powerful catalyzer for this. Thank you.”

Viviane Fischer

“I would like to make reference to something that Michael Twinwood who is an atourney at law in Canada he always said, you know he was defending the Native Canadians or like work with Native Americans. He was pointing to the atrocities that was committed against them or so – with a medical agenda. He said now in this kind of social experiment and also genetic experiment for the people who decides to or decided or lured to take the vaccine, or this so called vaccine… we are all Indians…now we are all Indians. And that is really something that we have to see. And this is especially also true for the ones who decided to play along with the system because like now with the being obliged now to take the booster shot and then another shot and so on and so on…they always go back to the role of being a…. being a… you know…under a lot of pressure, so you cannot comply with the system…it’s always gonna ask more of you. A more dangerous a more hazard like more health hazard basically, so that’s something that more and more of the vaccinated are now waking up to and they find themselves in a very uncomfortable situation, now that they complied and they took the risk without knowing it and now they see themselves confronted with a lot of damages and they don’t know where to turn to and I think that’s something where you really have to reach out and that’s really already happening you know we in Germany we are setting up sort of a help hotline for the ones who got injured in like in this vaccination process. 

I took a tour the last two weeks and we spoke to a lot of them and they are really desperate they cannot take the third shot and at the same time they see how it is really bizarre they are now being the skapegoats or like the you know like the ones that the ones who took the vaccine and didn’t have any side effects are now turning to in anger and saying now you are a corona denier or you are not just strong enough and it’s your fault. It’s really bizarre constellation. So, it’s another sort of crime against humanity that is happening here because the authorities leaving them alone in the rain. The doctors are basically discouraged from helping them, sometimes they cannot even take down notes that they got vaccinated or that the side effects might be in connection to that. 

So, we are setting up an like you know also like an information kind of tool where we can get the information we are working closely together with the pathology conference where we finance a laboratory for them so we can do our own testing and our own research to help these people because they are desperate need and you know with boosters and all that is gonna be more and more people and this really has to be stopped so we can start licking our wounds and you know helping these people and healing as a society. I am optimistic as Reiner and I think a lot of people here this house of cards is gonna come crumbling down very very soon. And then we really are have a great opportunity to build a new society. 

The only thing we really have to make sure is that these people do not come the rats do not enter our new house again, you know we really have to chase them out. They must never come back and play amongst themselves and you know I think we will have a good time in the future.” 

Astrid Stucklberger

“It’s an honor to be here. It’s an honor to be with Viviane and Reiner, that I finally meet.

It’s an important event. Brussels is the center of many things, and the European Union where I was also expert on innovation and research. So, the important point today for me is to show you that science is very important, knowledge and understanding the logic with the critical analysis is extremely important. Not only among scientists, but also for lawyers, but also for the people. And today we have one of the last resort where they are trying to attack the human genome and humanity, and it’s children. That is why we are doing this event. Dr. Kennedy to be there for so long to defend children’s rights.

But why is it so important? It’s important because is the last resort of our genome and our humanity. If you really analyze what’s going on, since the beginning there is no justification of whats going on. We have proven this on and on. No pandemic, there is no mortality that is superior in 2020 than other years. Professor Ioannidis is the most sited epidemiologist in the world has said that on and on. And now with Professor Toubiana, Professor Raul and many many more. So, there is no justification, there is no case zero of a virus, there are 159 scientific institutions who say they have not isolated the virus or purified it. According to the Postulate of Koch, they have not analyzed the contagiosity, they have not the causality.  This is very important to inoculate on the repetition of facts, and the scientific knowledge and evidence.

So, knowing this international health regulation had no right to say that there is a public health emergency of international concern. There is no emergency law that is justified because there is no unusual mortality or disease. This is very difficult to make people understand, very very difficult. But we have to say that.

Why is it important? Because that was the basis of the justification of an experiment, that is still an experiment and is still in research and Being on the ethics committee of the WHO for 4 years, I can tell you that this research could never, never taken place and been  validated by the ethics review board of the WHO. Because one of the first things, it has to pass all the animal research, and it has not passed any animal research. All the animals are dead, even today when you have doctors who take the blood. All the animals died. There are many events that are really crazy. But anyway, the Research Ethics Board would never have accepted this, not only because this was directly financed by the people selling, what they wanted to probe but also because they have 

They have not taken any ethical dimension in the research. They have not taken care. First do no harm, if you do harm you have to pay. If you do harm you have to take care of the people who you have harmed. Do no harm, do good. There has been absolutely nothing to do good to people. Autonomy – people have to give consent, they have to be informed and they have to be free to choose. And it’s absolutely not this, it’s a forced consent, it’s an extortion of consent, it’s an abuse of consent, it’d an abuse of weakness and especially with children. It’s absolutely crazy because they have put down the consent to 12 years old. And the last one is justice, everybody has to be treated as equal and given the right to be non-discriminated and we see discrimination. So the end point here, is this experiment, it’s still an experiment injection, they want to put this into children.

There is enough evidence today of high mortality, of secondary effect in 27 countries. There are more than 3 million adverse reactions of which 1 million by 7th January 1389404 people with secondary effect of which 20 363 children from 0-17 years old and that is from 15thJanuary, 2022. So we know this is wrong. 

We also know that what is in the vial has been looked at in 17 different types of microscopes and some of them Professor Buchard and other professors from Germany have proven with Vivianne by looking in electronic microscope that there has not been transparent science. There is more in there than the spike protein. There is graphene oxide, there is metals, chrome, nickel, there’s parasites and this is something that we must investigate. So, this is clear, what they want to do is change the genome, become transhumanist humanity and the children are the last resort because if we change children, we have no humanity anymore and that’s the plan to do a choice between transhumanism. We stay human or we don’t stay human. So it’s very important that people say no, we don’t consent to be changed and to be modified. It is the children of today and the mothers. We should never ever vaccinate or inject into mothers or to children, because they are in full development and we know this by research. I’m very happy to be here. But it is a very important moment of history. I’m a fan of innovation and technology with ethics and with law. And now we need lawyers because without lawyers and without people – we need your non consent to this change. This is the last resort. But we should never give up. There is no return to normal – I want to say this. We have to create a new society and we have to stand firm because the battle will be long but it is becoming better.”

Link to the event in Brussels, where you will also hear other speakers such as Catherine Austin Fitts and Vera Sharaf: