The mRNA covid vaccines need to be withdrawn from the market immediately. No-one should get them. No-one should get boosted. No-one should get double boosted. They are a dangerous and ineffective product.

Former New York Times reporter Alex Berensen is one of the few top reporters that digs deep to seek lifesaving truths and bring them to the world. In a conversation with Tucker Carlson he brought an alarming message.

We are at a very dangerous moment. This is the most important appearance I have had with you in the last 2 years. It is completely clear now that the vaccines do not work at all against Omicron. In these highly vaccinated and highly boosted countries, rates of infection are incredibly high and rates of serious disease and deaths are also rising

The Isrealis are predicting that they are going to have more serious cases than they ever had at the peak last year

The idea that we would solve this with another booster is just off the charts insane. I have not said this to you before, because I am pretty careful and I am pretty careful with the data But these, the mRNA covid vaccines need to be withdrawn from the market now. No-one should get them. No-one should get boosted. No-one should get double boosted

They are a dangerous an ineffective product. The spike that they make your body make that you then produce antibodies to is not the omicron spike.

And earlier today today Tony Fauci said ‘we’re not going to give the first generation products’ because they don’t work against the omicron spike

The same logic applies to these mRNA vaccines and giving people boosters even if in the very short term it knocks down infection rates, there’ boomerang effect and that’s what they are seeing in all these countries. We are in a dangerous moment and these products need to be withdrawn.

There’s a JAMA paper today that shows the rates of myocarditis, which is a heart inflammation which can be very dangerous and can affect people of any ages.

But myocarditis in young men, in college age, especially in men, it is 50 to 100 times as high as the background rate after the second shot. 

There’s another issue here which is that the danger is dose related. That’s a general rule in medicine. The dose makes the poison, and giving people more mRNA that’s going to make them produce spike protein that doesn’t match the current spike protein of sars cov 2, is useless and is likely to wrongfooot their immune systems

There’s a problem with the efficacy and the immune response and a problem with the dangers of the vaccines themselves

If these products were being brought to market now against omicron they would not be approvable. So Pfizer is trying to fix that  by saying ‘we’re going to have an omicron variant mRNA product in the next couple of months. Guess what, it’s very likely there will be a new variant by then, so they are going to be chasing this and they are going to be injecting people with something that doesn’t match the current variant forever. The results are likely to get worse and worse and worse.

Go to the substack, just look at the charts. Look at what has happened in Israel in the last couple of weeks. This is a country that is more than 90%+ adult vaccinated, more than half adult boosted. It’s not just that it oes not make any difference, it seems to be making the situation worse. It is imposssible for me to imagine that a 4th shot, that a second booster is going to do anything but in a couple of months lead to another boomerang, another synchronised wave that overwhelms the hospitals. They’re reporting in Israel now that their ICUs are under immense pressure.

So I don’t know what the logic is right now, but I know that in any rational world, every public health authority would be calling for an immediate halt in mRNA covid vaccinations 

mRNA vaccinations for covid until we know what’s going on. You can look up the data on Berensens substack

Omicron is not as dangerous as delta. If another variant comes and we are wrongfooted like this, and it is more virulent I don’t know what’s going to happen. But we shold be trying to avoid that, not trying to buy a couple of months so that Tony Fauci can feel better, and then this happpens again.

Doctors and Lawyers at Senate Hearing with Senator Ron Johnson- 300% increase in abortion, 1000% increase in neurological problems. We’re seeing cancer take off like wildfire after taking the vaccine

Senator Ron Johnson part 1

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Department of Defense and Fauci Caught In Massive Scandal Hiding Death And Damage From COVID Vaccines

Lawyers Tom Renz and Leigh Dundas present information from Department of Defence whistleblowers.

3 whistleblowers have consented to their names being revealed. They inform that over the last year miscarriages have increased by over 300%, cancer by 300% neurological problems by over 1000% – from 82 000 pr to 863 000 pr year. Soldiers are being experimented on, injured and killed.

This is corruption at the highest level. We need investigations The Secretary of Defense and the CDC needs to be investigated. – Tom Renz