Warning from 3 trusted experts: 1. Professor, 2. Lawyer, 3. Omicron Doctor about the dangers and unlawfulness of the mRNA injections

Professor Astrid Stucklberger

Professor Astrid Stuckelberger is a medical doctor, public health expert and former WHO director. Here she delivers a brutally direct message to parents about the injections:

“I want to say to the parents:

1. This is not a vaccine, it’s an experiment. 

2. This experimental vaccine is poison

3. This vaccination does not protect anybody. This vaccine is actually the opposite. It kills you and it makes you sick. And we have proof now of numbers, everywhere in the world of footballers, of sportspeople – it makes you sick and it kills you.

We know today that the people who are dying an in hospitals are people who have received the injections of the vaccine. It’s the people who are not vaccinated, unless they live with someone vaccinated, they can be sick sometimes. So if you have vaccinated yourself, please leave the children alone, because they are our future. And they have never been sick. There is nothing to worry about because children and babies are not sick. Because of the vaccine, pregnant women who are vaccinated, their children are not normal often. They are sick when they are born. They have an infection. So there is a problem. Please don’t touch the children.”

This is genocide, crimes against humanity and biological warfare

Update on the legal situation from Lawyer Anna de Buisseret.

Substantial evidence has been provided by injured victims, scientific studies, global experts and whistleblowers. 

I can tell you that we lawyers working on the case have found the best experts in the world to cover the scientific, medical, economic, political analysis. These world experts have come forward offering their time to us for nothing. We lawyers are being flooded with evidence. We have analyzed the legal position, we have the best experts in the world. The other side of the tyranny does not have the world experts. They do not have the best lawyers, because if they did have the best lawyers they would be telling them that they are breaking all these laws and to stop it. These are crimes and crime references have been issued. We lawyers can confirm that our analysis is that this is a breach of article 6 article 7, article 8 of the Rome Statute of The International Criminal Court. Article 6 being Genocide, article 7 being Crimes Against Humanity, and virtually every subsection of article 7 is being breached. Article 8 is biowarfare. Because the evidence unfortunately is that these injections, the masks, the tests are bioweapons. They are causing harm they are killing people. They are breaching the warfare conventions, they breach the weapons conventions. So that is our analysis which is being peer reviewed around the world.

Watch her latest speech here:

Omicron doctor gagged by EU politicians and researchers so Europe could continue the tyranny

Doctor who discovered Omicron: ‘I was ordered to label this variant serious’

Angelique Coetzee, general practitioner and president of the South African Medical Association, reacted in an interview with the Austrian ServusTV to the fear, panic and totalitarian rules imposed because of the Omicron variant, which she said was very mild.

PRETORIA – Coetzee, who was the first to spot the variant, said that 99 percent of people who became infected with it had developed only minor symptoms. “It’s similar to a cold or the flu.”

She also revealed that she was being threatened by “scientists”, among others, who had ordered her not to disclose that the new variant only caused mild complaints. They told her to adapt her story: “I then said that Omicron is a harmless disease in South Africa and a very serious disease in Europe because I had to tell European politicians that,” said Coetzee.