The Injections Are Changing The Aura

From a spiritual and metaphysical perspective, what is happening to the auras of those injected maybe an indication that this is a matter of concern. 

Everything in the universe is energy. All of this energy vibrates on different frequencies. Every single person, animal, plant, mineral; etc. has their own unique vibration – their own aura. Unconditional love and simply being your true, natural self (pure awareness/consciousness) has the highest frequency of all. 

Everyone can learn to see and experience the aura. There’s nothing mystical about it. It’s an egg-shaped 3 dimensional energy field 2 ½ – 3 meters around the body. Every atom of every substance consists of electrons and protons that are in constant motion. These electrons and protons are electrical and magnetic energy vibrations. Atoms from moving things are more active than non-moving things. The energy fields from trees, plants, animals and humans are easily perceivable. Some spiritual masters vibrate at very high frequencies and the aura can be very large.

The aura is the unique external expression or representation of what is happening on the inside of a person. It can be observed in many different ways but the size, colour and brilliance are generally the most noticeable qualities of our inner life, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. The energy vibrations emanating from a person as the aura can change from moment to moment depending on the frequencies on these inner levels. 

When people are highly functioning with good physical, emotional and mental health, they have an abundance of energy and strong auras. This in turn protects them from negative outside forces. The human aura can be weakened by things like poor diet, lack of fresh air, lack of physical activity, lack of rest/sleep, overwhelm, medicines/drugs, excess alcohol, negative habits etc.

Energies entering the body affect the whole of the system homeostatically. The wisdom of the body will always be alert when something enters and attempt to make out what it means for its’ health and life force. The body’s wisdom is continually in the process of regenerating, rejuvenating, repairing, replenishing and re-balancing to maintain equilibrium. It will do everything it can to deal with unwanted or darker energies that are vibrating at lower frequencies.

At the spiritual level though something is definitely observable in the auras of some of those who have been injected. Spiritual light workers and experienced holistic energy workers are seeing differences in the size, colour and brilliance and voicing concerns. Whether this is something that passes and/or if there is a remedy and what that remedy is, only time will tell. In the meantime though, injected people have nothing to lose by investing more time in direct contact with Earth energies and natural elements. The body readily absorbs and is extremely grateful for these health promoting energies.