Did you know that you were programmed?

This image resonates with me and reminds me of my early school days which started 64 years ago.

Wikipedia: ‘Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, morals, beliefs, habits, and personal development. Education originated as transmission of cultural heritage from one generation to the next.’ 

What we learn in state schools is more or less decided by the ‘king’, his politicians/ministries and the church. Learning is aimed at developing individuals so they can find a purpose/mission/job and apply their learnings as skills to benefit society. From the very beginning we are ‘moulded to fit in’.  For different reasons some people who are perfectly capable of ‘fitting’ the mould, do not wish to and deviate from the A4 learning system format. I’m one of those people, the primary reason being that I am an ‘intuitive’.  Going against anything that is in conflict with my gut feeling leads me through an experiential process that brings learnings, although in the long run my gut feeling proved to be right and I change course to match it. No matter what voice comes into my head, be it my own internal dialogue or someone else’s telling me something, my gut feeling will signal strongly whether it’s wise to continue, or not. 

As I became old enough to choose my area of study, formal education became less appealling to me. It was difficult to find something that ‘my gut feeling’ told me was not controlled by dogma. Nothing in the educational system could ignite enough passion or stimulate me to invest years of my life into learning it. The reason is maybe my true fascination was already in place; for healing and ‘secret teachings’ which started at a very early age. But such studies were impossible to find in formal schools and institutes. I knew they had existed in earlier times, but they had seemingly been ‘wiped out’ from the reaches of the ordinary man and woman in the street. The Healing Arts, Esoteric Wisdom Traditions and Mysticism were my true choice and had been my prime interests since I could remember. I discovered where the teachings were; in secret societies and made avail only to invited members and well hidden from the public arena. So my quest for knowledge was found in libraries where I found old esoteric books and it was there that a lifelong, lonely and expensive journey of learning began. I spent 15 years travelling regularly out into the world to find my chosen teachers and ‘absorb’ their knowledge and wisdom. I use the word ‘absorb’ because there is so much more to this than text, theories and demonstrations. The workings and wonders of the unconscious mind, the existence, activity and nourishment of the soul are so much more than measuring, weighing, counting and repeating experiments which are the basic requirements for scientific evidence.

My journey has taken me to 4 continents and my thirst for esoteric wisdom continues. I have an insatiable appetite for the way the ancients used energy and mother nature and have bought thousands of books throughout the years – and read very many of them. (As a matter of interest I might add that governments don’t like their citizens learning these things. Much of the material on esoteric wisdom has been censured by governments and removed from the internet (reserved only for them?). Specially installed filters were put into place by UK Prime Minister David Cameron 2010-2016 to ‘block esoteric material’)

Well into adulthood I had a conversation with an internationally renowned healer who said ‘you’ve learned so much about energy, healing, aromatherapy, reflexology, acupuncture and homeopathy, isn’t it time to learn NLP’? I’d never heard of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) but my gut feeling kicked in and signalled that I must learn about it. NLP is not a study offered in schools or universities, and early in the 1990s there were only providers of fast track trainings in other countries, primarily the UK and USA. The internet and websites didn’t exist back then, so I subscribed to different magazines to keep track of the ‘when and where’ of NLP trainings. I read the few books that were available but found it difficult to apply it in real life. After 2 years I scraped together enough money to pay for my first NLP training. This proved to be a monumental choice and had pivotal positive results for my life and career.

The way NLP was presented and taught was very different from how we learn in school. After 4-5 days on the training I felt like backing out, but I had paid in full as was required and signed the disclaimer for any refund. I needed to get my money’s worth so I hung in there. Had I left I would have wasted both money and the opportunity to own a toolbox with some the most pragmatic and transformative tools for positive change on the planet.  

As the days on the training passed I felt more comfortable as I began to understand, to the point that I became convinced that NLP could and should be taught in schools, to anyone of any age, in any culture no matter what their status. Why? Because it describes and demonstrates simply and effectively how learning takes place, how thoughts are created, how feelings are created, how attitudes, beliefs and states are formed and how and why we make meaning of our experiences. And more importantly how our limiting beliefs and emotions can be changed ecologically. It demonstrates how the internal communication feedback loop works and how we, as individuals, can programme ourselves to be more resourceful, energetic, curious and eager to learn – or not. It’s about the difference that makes the difference between those who are successful and reach their outcomes and those that do not. Most importantly, it provides the tools for detecting unhealthy, inappropriate programmes that have been installed into the unconscious mind, by self or others, uninstalling them and re-installing healthier, more beneficial programmes for the individual.

As an intuitive the word ‘programming’ has always given me negative connotations. ‘Why would anyone want to call such a wonderful method for ‘programming’? I asked myself:

Well after doing some research I discovered there is no better word, because that’s precisely what it is. It’s the know-how of the way we programme ourselves and the how-to of making meaning of our experience. In addition, how we are programmed by others, how they install beliefs into our minds, consciously and unconsciously. It teaches us how to recognise the communication tricks and protect ourselves from harmful programming. The word ‘programme’ has many synonyms, scheming, planning, designing, framing, shaping. A computer programmer designs and installs information as software into a computer to make it behave and deliver in a certain way. The same applies to the human mind, it can and is programmed throughout our lives. We are continually absorbing information through our senses in the form of pictures, sounds, smells, tastes and tactiles. We process the information and form thoughts, the whole of our life is an experiential sensory journey that we make meaning of in our own subjective way, depending on the beliefs, values and filters that have formed/are already installed in our minds.

When I learned NLP I felt I understood the alchemy of what creates health and happiness. What I also understood was that it could be misused and cause harm in the hands of unethical manipulators. A conversation with one of the creators confirmed that they had not managed to get ethical rules and trade marks into place before they had a clash and ceased their professional cooperation. This has been the greatest error/downfall on the part of the creators. ‘NLP spread like tree top fire’ he told me and there were no ethics in place for its use. I was concerned when I learned on one of my trainings that a prime minister with global influence at the time, and still is a global name (who shall remain unnamed) was an expert in the field of NLP and used it prolifically in the political arena to persuade others to pull off major treaties that the nation had voted against.

NLP and hypnosis can and is used in mind control programmes to influence the masses. I am saddened by this. All of us are being programmed continuously in the hands of powerful influencers. Politicians, churches, marketeers, teachers, TV, radio and others – all have an intention and specific goals with their communication. In the US, some churches bought pallets of NLP books for their priests. Learning this was mindblowing for me.

The moment you turn on the TV, radio, or screen for information or news,  you are offering your brain on a silver platter and inviting the programme leader/transmitter/communicator/influencer to fill it – or programme it. As the information flows to you through your senses you make meaning out of it, you form your thoughts and interpret the meaning in your own unique way. This in turn will generate emotions, states and behaviour. You will determine subjectively what it means and what value it holds for you. If it means discomfort or fear you will most probably want to move away from that emotion. The programmer will, as in the case of the massive programming, fearmongering and propaganda of the pandemic, subsequently suggest/command you to take certain actions.

TV, radio, media, marketing and public relations companies are experts in NLP, hypnosis and mind control. This they have proved supremely over the past 2 years. The most highly rated public relations companies in the world are hired by governments and councils to market the covid virus and vaccine 24/7 for an indefinite period of time. The goal is to get humanity under control and accept the jabs that are killing and maiming people. Disempowerment of the people.

According to Professor of Psychology Mattias Desmet, the use of mind control and hypnosis has programmed the world into Mass Delusional Psychosis and Group Think. By following the TV and narrative, almost all humans have been programmed to think, feel and act as desired by the programmers –take the vaccine and hate those who don’t. They used it in the divide and conquer methods and have successfully generated the mass hate and loathing that we are witnessing today.

As with the computer virus was launched – the remedial anti-virus programme was immediately on the scene. Problem solved

As the pandemic virus was launched – the remedial anti-virus (injection) was immediately on the scene. Problem solved (seemingly for some). At the same time the mind control ensures that the masses don’t realise/accept how millions are disappearing from the face of the Earth.

This is genius in action, with EVIL intentions. Grand scale systematic and continuous programming of the minds of the millions. The injections were in place before the virus was launched. The injection given is not doing what the masses are programmed to think it is doing – quite the opposite. To say that the programming and mind control has successfully caused the world to go off the hinges is to put it mildly. The World’s most beyond belief, hideous and evil horror show is underway like a runaway train. The citizens of the World are victims of their puppet governments who answer to a satanic elite.

All that has and will unfold has been disguised as an experiment. Most are still asleep and will never wake up. Governments distort, delete and generalise information and statistics to tailor the agenda as the drama plays out. The narrative twists and turns accordingly in whichever way is necessary to keep the masses from waking up to what is going on.

I can only say that I am eternally grateful that I didn’t give up on NLP. Had I done so I would never have been able to see through this grossly unethical programming or know how to protect myself from it. Why on Earth would they teach NLP in schools when it teaches how to discover such things? When it leads to mastery and raising the levels of consciousness. Like esoteric wisdom, they want it hidden, because empowering the people would only cause problems for the agenda.

In the Spirit of Truth