The World is at Risk Because of The New WHO Pandemic Treaty

Dr. Tess Lawrie, Consultancy for Evidence Based Medicine, World Health Council:

I just got off a call with the World Health Organisation and it’s left me shaking. It’s time to call out the WHO. Their leadership is awful. They’ve done a rotten job with the pandemic. We should not give them more power.
We have a lot to lose. Our health, our individual freedom and much more The WHO Treaty is an attempt to extend the power of the WHO

The WHO will reserve the right to decide what a pandemic is. They have already changed the definition. Origianlaly a pandemic ‘causes a lot of deaths worldwide’ and they changed it to ‘something that is occurring in many countries worldwide’.
So that means that something that is not a serious health risk that is widespread can be called a pandemic.

It gives them the power to decide what a pandemic is, to name it, decide what the measures will be and how long. They also get to decide how these things are promoted. They can give mandates and coercion.

All the focus is on vaccines. One organisation should not have this kind of power over everybody in the whole world. We all have different needs.

It’s time for us to call out the World Health Organisation. They really have done a rotten job. Why should we give them more power?
They’ve promoted strategies that are not evidence based. They’ve promoted strategies that have caused harm to all age ranges – to children. They’ve promoted strategies that have resulted in the loss of livelihoods and destruction of economies. And they’ve promoted profit driven strategies before the benefits of the people. So they have not done a good job. You don’t have to be a scientist to see that, anyone can see it. It’s time to say ‘enough is enough’. We don’t need your leadership, it’s awful and we will take control of our own health from now on.

It is ludicrous to give the World Health Organisation more power. They are not to be trusted.