WHO wants to become a new World Government

Listen to this courageous, congruent woman.

Christine Anderson, Member of the European Parliament is Europe’s most truthful speaking politician.

She has repeatedly sounded her voice in the EU Parliament to enlighten European citizens on just what is going on and how our democracies are being shut down.

We are approaching the most critical point in our lifetimes, indeed in history.

The World Health Organization wants to take over as a world government and put all your human rights aside.

The plan is to grant the WHO – in the event of a pandemic – far-reaching executive powers. The treaty changes aim at granting the WHO de facto governing power over member states in the event of a pandemic, without involvement or consultation of national governments or national parliaments.  

Dear Fellow Citizens,

Currently all eyes are focused on the Russia Ukraine conflict. However, you should not believe for a second that this conflict caused the mills of power to come to a halt. We all know too well that democratic governments use major sporting events as diversions to impose restrictions on fundamental rights in midnight meetings and completely unnoticed by the public, only to shrug it off afterwards: Now they are there: – the restrictions. The NetzDG is one such example. Unde4r the pretext of wanting to combat ‘hate speech’, they argued, they needed better tools to enforce the law on social media. This is, of course, complete nonsense. With the NetzDG they created an instrument to censor politically undesirable opinions. You are reminded of this censorship whenever you are notified, that content has been deleted or a facebook account has been suspended, and this usually occurs, because an opinion did not meet a politically correct standard, or was not in line with government’s agenda.

The political elites are using this war to extend their power, influence and money in the background. Recently, I received many e-mails from you – dear fellow citizens – pointing out this factl. Many thanks for it, I ha immediately launched parliamentary initiatives in this regard. The point is this: did you know, for example, that on 1st March 2022 an intergovernmental negotiating group was formed to work out the timetable and modus operandi for reshaping the contracts between WHO and the Member states? Given the unprecedented restrictions on fundamental rights imposed over the past two years, in the context of the current pandemic in the ‘western democracies’, this initiative raises alarm. The plan is to grant the WHO – The plan is to grant the WHO – in the event of a pandemic – far-reaching executive powers. The treaty changes aim at granting the WHO de facto governing power over member states in the event of a pandemic, without involvement or consultation of national governments or national parliaments. This is simply brilliant: A democratically non-legitimized committee, but one in which the riches of the super-rich buy their way in through donations, not only decides that there is a pandemic, but also immediately seizes executive power. This is like 9 foxes and a rabbit democratically voting on what to have for dinner.

To even consider such an empowerment of the ´WHO is a direct attack on the rule of the people by the people enshrined in Article 20, paragraph 2, the most elementary principle of any democracy. The government and parliament, are still elected by the people, are accountable to them, and, if necessary, must take responsibility for their decisions. 

Citizens have no influence on other, not elected committees. 

The EU institutions have been used systematically for years to marginalize national governments in parliament, and to undermine the sovereignty of the free people. This move empowers yet another organization to decide about you. When Horste Seehofer very pointed stated this in 2010, many thought it was a clever joke. But it was in face a very accurate description. And we see it today as well: He said the: tjose who decide ar not elected and those who are elected have nothing to decide. It does not even seem to bother them, that it grossly violates the constitution, that the decisions-making is taken from elected representatives of the people an transferred to organizations distant to the citizens. Like the legal services of the German Bundestag it was unconstitutional for RKI to make executive decisions. Nevertheless, nothing has changed,  although the constitutional assessment was quite devastating. And now that it has been demonstrated at the national level how things can be done, the whole there is to be taken to a complete different level. With such a shift of authority, the WHO will decide in the future whether you wear a mask, work at home, have to obey curfews or are subject to compulsory vaccination! The WHO could also adopt completely new threshold values for a diagnostic method that has never been used before as a standard. Just as it is needed. We know it from Corona and PCR times. And the WHO can administer your basic rights in the future. Ys almost like a world government. But are all of these things really conspiracy theories? Well, 2 years ago, warnings of lockdowns or the imposition of curfews were conspiracy theories. The same was said about the warning that the Digital Green Certificate§ would be turned to government issued coupon to obtain fundamental rights. Even warnings about compulsory vaccination were labelled nasty and fabricated propaganda by ‘dissidents and swindlers’. Well, all these conspiracy theories have lost their appendix ‘theory’ in the meantime. These theories have been verified leaving then to be real conspiracies! 

In order to find out now whether it is the same with the WHO treaty, I submitted a question of urgency to the EU-Commission demanding clarification of whether or not fundamental rights are violated by entrusting executive powers to a body, which is not bound to democratic principles. In fact, it would be the exact opposite. They would be anti-democratic, and unconstitutional!

The EU-Commission will have to respond by the beginning of April. I will keep you posted on that matter. Thank you very much from Strasbourg.