How Modern Medicine Killed Natural Cures

The field of medicine is no longer the patient friendly institution manned by kind, empathic earth angels. 

Other names for modern medicine are conventional and allopathic medicine, but it is not traditional medicine as many seem to think. Traditional medicine is the ‘original’ medicine, natural medicine or folk medicine. 

Modern medicine sprung out of the petrochemical industry which was monopolized by John D Rockefeller. He founded the pharmaceutical industry using deceit and corruption. Towards the end of his life Rockefeller was America’s most hated man.  

The American oil magnate John D. Rockefeller (1839–1937) was a natural-born monopolist and America’s first billionaire. His friend and personal physician Hamilton Bigger was a homeopathic doctor. 

Rockefeller discovered that pharmaceutical drugs could be made from oil and saw the opportunity to monopolize the oil, chemical and the medical industries all at the same time! His interest in drug making was spurred by the fact that petrochemicals could be patented and sold for high profits, whereas natural remedies could not be patented and profited on. The main obstacle for his new medical industry was that natural healing methods and herbal medicines were very popular, effective and trusted. Almost half the doctors and medical colleges in the U.S. were practicing holistic medicine, using knowledge from Europe and Native Americans. He had to figure out a way to get rid of the competition, so he chose the classic strategy of “problem-reaction-solution.” Create a problem, use it to scare people, then offer a (pre-planned) solution. (Ring any bells?)

As Rockefeller’s wealth compounded he ordered all natural remedies to be blacklisted from the world of medicine. Anyone interested in health and medicine was to be educated and groomed to focus only on petrochemical, laboratory manufactured products. 

Rockefeller went to his buddy Andrew Carnegie – who had made his money from monopolizing the steel industry – and together they devised a scheme. From the prestigious Carnegie Foundation, they sent a man named Abraham Flexner to travel around the country to evaluate the status of medical colleges and hospitals. This led to the The Flexner Report which disgraced many of the colleges and hospitals and recommended a revamping and centralizing of medical institutions. Based on the report, more than half of all medical colleges were soon closed down.

Rockefeller continued his rampage of natural medicine by mocking and demonizing homeopathy and natural medicine (from which he himself had taken great benefit). Doctors that continued to practice were even jailed.

To ensure successful transition, change the minds, indoctrinate and/or bribe other doctors and scientists, Rockefeller gave more than $100 million to colleges and hospitals. He founded the philanthropic front group “General Education Board” (GEB) and used the classic carrot and stick approach. Within several years, medical colleges were all streamlined and homogenized. The curriculum was pre-determined and all medical students were to learn the same things, and medicine became all about a working life as a doctor using patented drugs.

By granting scientists huge amounts of money, they studied the healing properties of plants and how they cured diseases. They identified and catalogued the effective chemical compositions and recreated a similar chemical composition in the laboratory, one that could be cashed in on by patenting. ‘A pill for an ill´ became the mantra for modern medicine. What cannot and will not ever be reproduced by lab work though, is the life force energy present in the plants. No scientist can or will be able to recreate nature’s life force energy. 

Rockefeller founded and financed numerous public health institutions around the world, amongst them the Institute for Public Health in Norway (FHI). He saw to it that everything and everyone funded by his organizations focused only on the pharma monopoly. Medical schools programmed students and all in the health industry to regard anything other than pharma cures with distaste, attack the remedies, users and practitioners. Anyone not associated with Rockefeller based medical schooling was to be looked down upon. Every natural healing practice shamed as quackery. 

Throughout the years The Hippocratic Oath ‘Do No Harm’ and ‘continuous upgrade of medical knowledge’ was gradually phased out. A google search today brings little information of the oath.  Some student doctors today are not informed of or taught to abide by the principle. Many new doctors declare, once they have their licence to practice, that they are done with reading and accumulating medical knowledge. Patients mean money, big money and writing prescriptions to get people hooked into big pharma at as young an age as possible is the goal for big pharma. 

I’ve lost count of how many wonderful, open minded young adults have entered medical and similar professions, only to come out at the other end with an aggresive attitude towards natural cures and all who value and support them. Their medical school training has been a method of indoctrination to transform them from the easy to get along with, reflected youngsters to arrogant, inflated ‘know it alls’ with condescending attitudes and total disregard for all that was not included in their schooling. 

It must not go without saying though that there are exceptions. There are some conscientious doctors with strong ethics and morals, many of whom are older and approaching the end of their professional career. They are more apt to speak out on the lack of ethics and massive corruption in the field of medicine. Why the older ones? Because their careers can no longer be in jeopardy – they can’t be got at. And there are some doctors and researchers in the arena today that proclaim that ‘medicine has taken a turn towards darkness’. 

Those pulling the strings from the top are not in fact doctors, they are globalists with huge dollar signs in their eyes and mouths. Members of the Davos elite, power hungry, callous and the embodiment of insatiable greed are willing to go to any lengths in the exploitation of the masses. Indeed the commercial interests in medicine are now so grotesque that the WHO through the pandemic treaty they are pushing through, aims to jab the whole of humanity with their cocktail of darkness.

‘Get a jab into every single individual on the planet’ shouts Biden. Trudeau: ‘freeze the bank accounts of those who protest, hold them hostage and deny them property rights’. China ‘put Shanghai in lockdown, don’t give them food, chain their doors. For weeks on end inhuman and insane measures are enforced. People are committing suicide, hanging themselves and jumping from their high rise apartments to the concrete walkway below. Politicians are forcing citizens, and children to get the clot shot or else be punished.

No-one gets to know what’s going in their body. What we do know though, is that whatever it is, it’s killing and maiming civilians in the millions. What began with a supposedly benign ‘vaccination’ to protect you a year ago, has developed into a malignant stampede by politicians, robbing natural rights and introducing apartheid and a segregation passport. You are to have a QR code where everything about you is logged. If you don’t behave exactly as you are told you can lose everything at the push of a button. All this is being put into place at warp speed, effected by violating human rights and using mind control, divide and conquer and coercion. Millions of parents are so heavily hypnotised that they are sacrificing their children to this fatal horror show. People are so numbed by the military grade psychological warfare their governments are using through the media, that they no longer feel any emotion when their loved ones are killed by the poison.

85 years after Rockefellers death, people like him are modelling his strategy. But this time, the plan is a global coup on all humans, under the pretense that ‘big pharma is good for you’

We’re churning out doctors who know nothing about the benefits of nutrition or herbs or any holistic practices. Sitting comfortably in their self righteous bubbles in complete denial of anything not prescribed through big pharma. We have an entire society that is enslaved to corporations and has little to no knowledge of how to help themselves and cater to their own well-being.

Dr Aseem Malhotra: “Most patients will derive no health improvement from medication. We should tackle the root causes of disease instead. Prescribed medication is the third most common cause of death globally after heart disease and cancer. The commercial interests in medicine has resulted in modern medicine taking a turn towards darkness.”

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