Only Medical Doctors Can Declare The Medical Emergency Over. We are 17,000 – And We Declare That It Is Over. All Use of Covid Injections Must Stop Immediately

Dr Robert Malone, MD, Inventor of mRNA used in covid vaccines. Salk Institute, Northwestern Med, Harvard Med Fellow:

We declare, and the data confirm that the covid-19 experimental genetic therapy injections, must end. We believe, and we’ve observed, that these prooducts do not prevent infection, replication and transmission of omicron. The vast majority of covid infections are in those who have been vaccinated. The data now shows that vaccination increases the risk of infection by omicron.

What has not been performed by the pharmaceutical industry is the required full battery of safety, toxicology, pharmacokinetic testing.Where does the mRNA go and how long does it last in your body? The same is true with the Adenoviral vectors and the resulting spike protein toxicology

The distribution of the mRNA or the Adenoviral vectors and the resulting spike protein toxicology has not been characterized, and we do not understand even now what is happening in patients that have received these quasi vaccines.

We strongly recommend that these products now and in the future be regulated as the gene therapy products that they are and require public involvement of the FDA’s gene therapy scientists and committees in reviewing and approving these drugs. We believe that it’s necessary to re-establish the five year minimum FDA testing period and to cease the emergency use authorization and require full FDA licensure of all novel medical products used for covid 19. 

We also strongly recommend that there be investigations of the actual causes of death and damage to millions who have been subjected to these mandatory mRNA and Adenoviral vector gene therapy injections. And we also strongly recommend that the FDA acknowledge and investigate that the pseudo uridine containing synthetic mRNA like genetic material persists in the body for 60 days or longer and produces spike protein at levels higher than is observed with the actual SARS-CoV-2 infection. This is well documented in a recent publication from January from the journal Cell. And this needs to be backed up by additional rigorous studies to characterize how long the genetic material remains in your body after you’ve been vaccinated or received the product, and how long and at what level the spike protein continues to persist.

Furthermore, vaccine associated adverse event assessments must be recalculated to reflect the actual time that the RNA stays in your body and continues to produce the spike protein: 60 days or longer. It is not adequate to only consider the short term adverse events as related to the vaccine. We must acknowledge that the genetic covid 19 genetic injections cause far more harm than good and provide zero benefit relative to risk for the young and healthy. They do not reduce covid 19 infection, which is treatable and not terminal.

Furthermore, the most recent data demonstrates that you are more likely to become infected or have disease or even death if you’ve been vaccinated compared to the unvaccinated people. This is shocking to hear, but it is what the data are showing us.  The data now show that these experimental gene therapy treatments can damage your children as well as yourself. They can damage your heart, your brain, your reproductive tissue and your lungs.  This can include permanent damage and disablement of your immune system.

Dr Peter McCullough, MD, MPH. Board certified in internal medicine, cardiovascular diseases, and clinical lipidology. Senior associate editor American Journal of Cardiology

We declare the state of emergency, which facilitates corruption and extends the pandemic, should be immediately terminated. The state of emergency is over. The national emergencies have been used by local, regional, state, and national authorities to have unchecked power. It’s lead them down a road of corruption, of malfeasance, and they’ve worked to continue the state of emergency through methods of propaganda, which is a presentation of false information from individuals in positions of authority.

And it’s all based on the declaration of the emergency state. These several important things follow from the emergency state, including emergency authorization of medicinal products that can stop. And then most importantly the emergency countermeasures. And emergency countermeasures include flows of funds to institutions which unfortunately has corrupted the entire pandemic response. 

So to finish and conclude the emergency phase of the pandemic is over, we declare the emergency has ended, and only doctors can declare since we are in the front lines managing patients, we have to manage the consequences of our decisions when and if hospitals census exceeds our capacity and our ability to care for it.

Dr Michael Yeadon, PhD, Former Vice President & Chief Science Officer of Allergy and Respiratory Research Pfizer Inc.

We declare that Pzizer, Moderna, BioNTech Janssen, AstraZeneca and their enablers withhelf and wilfully omitted safety and effectiveness information from patients and physicians, and should be immediately indicted for fraud. 

 We know that shortly after administration of these products, thousands of people have died. Reasonable criterion have been applied to examine the relationship between injections and the events and is absolutely clear cut that these are the cause of death. Mechanistically, the design of these products was knowingly deficient in a number of ways. First, they caused the expression in the human body of toxic virus spike protein. Unlike what they told us that it would stay in the injection site, they distribute widely around the body. There was no built in limit to the amount of toxic spike protein that can be made or for how long it is made. And that´s the cause of the toxicity. Turning to the clinical trials, there is evidence of questionable practices all around. For example, several of the studies were clearly unblinded while they were ongoing, contrary to best practice. And also in a number of cases, subjects were removed from the database prior to statistical analysis in a way that is suggestive of fraud.

We were given blanket assurances time and again by all of the companies about the benign safety profile of their products. Even as the products rolled out in the earliest weeks, they must have known this was not true. To add insult to injury, it appears that these products provide little or no protection from the virus they sought to protect us from. Finally, turning to the nonclinical studies, my area, the packages are hugely compromised by omissions of standard safety studies, which regardless of regulatory requirements, should have been done because they do impact human safety specifically so called ADME tox looking at distribution. It does leave the injection site and they told us it didn´t. They have not conducted complete reproductive toxicology, without which these should never be given to pregnant women. The consistency of the materials being tested in toxicity tests and even not all the components have been through toxicity testing. And finally, they cannot claim lack of anticipatory knowledge because the companies and the FDA knew that products of this type would produce many toxicities. 

We declare government and medical agencies must be held accountable.

Dr Ryan Cole, MD. Mayo Clinic trained, Board Certified, Anatomic/Clinical Pathologist- Fellowships in Surgical Pathology (Mayo) and Dermatopathology (Columbia)

We declare government and medical agencies must be held accountable. Emergency use of damaging, now proven dangerous lipid nanoparticles gene modified shots must be stopped and halted from ever being used. We know these lipid nano particles go everywhere. Government and pharmaceutical corruption have pushed these on us like never before, and we’ve never used these modes of experiment on humanity before. These go to the brain, they go to the spleen, they go to the bone marrow, they go to the liver. They go to the reproductive organs. 

Each of these agencies and these companies should be independently scrutinized and held accountable for the damage that they have caused to humanity. 

Many governors around these United States, including Governor Cuomo and others, had willingly sent thousands of seniors unnecessarily to their deaths and unnecessarily elevated the death counts. This was a fake emergency. Draconian measures and unjustified nonscientific lockdowns caused billions to suffer, especially the innocent children of this world. There is no current medical emergency.

Failed agency heads and corrupt public health officials, including but not limited to Fauci, Walensky, Becerra and countless others, must be removed from office and held accountable for mismanagement of this pandemic. Hospital administrators need to be held accountable for blocking common sense, proven lifesaving treatments and allowing the continued use of failed harmful drugs such as remdesivir, even pushed now on newborns and children. Illegal, unconstitutional First Amendment violating Homeland Security “disinformation” agencies must immediately be defunded and disbanded. We must immediately break up the too big to fail federal regulatory captured health agencies. All pharmaceutical funding of FDA and CDC foundations must end. An independent oversight must be instituted. We, as a human race, promised to never again experiment on humanity after grave crimes committed in a war distant past. The Nuremberg Code should be codifies into US federal law and all nations’ law. 

EUA exceptions to common rules should be rescinded. As point one of the Nuremberg Code clearly states, and I recommend that you read all of number one through ten, the voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential. This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent, should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power choice without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion, and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved as to enable him or her to make an understanding and enlightened decision. Again, please read all of the Nuremberg Code we promised to humanity that we would never do this again. And yet, here we are. 

The world has not been fully afforded this option, as all the ingredients lists and risks have been withheld from humanity. We must never forget those who have been harmed ty these shots. We must have full accountability from those who have been in charge of this disaster.

Dr Robert Malone, MD Inventor of mRNA used in covid vaccines. Salk Institute, Northwestern med, Harvard Med Fellow

Thank you for taking the time to listen to myself and my colleagues today speaking to you from the heart about what we’ve observed and what we’re recommending as the global COVID Summit team of over 17,000 physicians and scientists from all over the world. We’ve been astounded and appalled at what we’ve observed over the last couple of years, and we have consistently spoken out. I hope that those of you who are skeptical about the medical profession and the integrity of the medical profession can recognize that we represent many, many physicians. We’re fortunate to be in this position to speak to you and to represent the fundamentals of medical ethics as well as science. And we hope that you can see from our actions and our words, that not all physicians are compromised. There is hope. The system can recover with your assistance and also with your support. We all ask that you help us demand change, demand accountability, demand integrity, demand respect and try to rebuild our community.

There is a way forward, and that requires absolutely that the people responsible for what we’ve experienced as a community over the last two years be held accountable. We must go through this process. And as Dr Ryan Cole was just saying, there’s a number of discrete things that we can do to ensure that we recover from this and we stop this from happening again.

Medical emergencies should be used to justify suspension of the Bill of Rights. We are in a situation in which we still have the risk. There is still efforts ongoing to deny fundament human rights, the US Bill of Rights, freedom of speech for those that are seeking only to shar scientific truth and engage in constructive scientific discussion and debate. There are efforts worldwide to censor us and to restrict information so that you are not able to have true informed consent because you are obstructed from getting the information you need to have true informed consent to receive any of these experimental products. They should not be mandated. That is an absolute breath of fundamental medical ethics.

I hope that you share with us a sense of both alarm and commitment to creating change and recognize that these medical products, these experimental medical products that have been mandated for all of us are not providing protection against infection, replication or spread from the Omicron virus. They are not working. They are mismatched from this virus. They are designed for the original Wuhan strain. And there is no reason why they should continue to be used, why people should continue to be forced, why people should be denied employment, why our children should be mandated for vaccination. There is no justification for this, and we ask for your support in trying to insist with us that we never have a situation like this again.

I thank you for your time on behalf of myself and all 17,000 of us and hope that we see a better future tomorrow.