Bill Gates may still be a child whose parents placed him on a mission

Professor Dr Astrid Stuckelberger MD, WHO insider, university lecturer

‘Bill Gates is special because he has started to make deals with the World Bank. You can go in and look in through the papers. The World Bank, WHO and GAVI since 2004. They made a contract for the IFFM The International Facility Finance for Immunisation. And then they really stated to implement, with our money, the taxpayers with CEPI, the Coalition for Epidemic Innovation with all the member states. They started to finance this so you see that he is there, and why him? In fact Gates parents were eugenists, and were already in eugenists society called Fabian Society. 

So he has been educated by parents that have created a golden seat for him. It is something that was offered to him, and he was placed as a kid on a mission to do this and to do that. This child is maybe still a child and has not grown out of this. This is how I explain it. you have to look at the history, you have to look at the family where they come from and where they have been like a flower placed in a garden. He is definitely not innocent and the way he speaks, he takes humans as robots, and we are all codes and potential computers and he can put a virus in and control us. It’s clear.’ 

Dr Robert Malone, scientist mRNA technology creator

‘The shocking thing, I don’t know how else to say it, is that while one had assumed what we were being told, and basically marketed by our governments, was that these vaccines would protect us from infection, replication and virus spread. And at a minimum as those fillers fell and the data became clear that the vaccines were not effective in any way that a traditional vaccine would be considered to be effective, preventing infection and spread, the fall back position of the government has always been ‘well they protect you from severe disease and death’. Now those pillars have fallen. 

The data from the US, Europe, from the UK – and Scotland and Israel until they stopped sharing the data, demonstrates that the more vaccines of these genetic vaccines, particularly the mRNA vaccines that an individual receives. I prefer not to use the booster language, because technically even dose 1 is a booster of your prior infection from circulating cold coronaviruses. So, let’s just call the doses. And the observation is that the more doses of these products that you receive, the higher your risk for infection, disease and death, compared to those that remain ‘unvaccinated’.’

Dr Naomi Wolf PhD, journalist & author

‘I just did an interview with Del Bigtree who has just been at a conference with Robert Malone and other scientists. The issue of the lipid nano particles and the membranes in the human body came up. The lipid nano particles traverse all the membranes in the body including the blood/brain barrier and the amniotic membrane, as you know that’s causing harm to babies. Some of these doctors pointed out to Bigtree that the first and primary use of lipid nano particles in medicine was to deliver medicine to brain tumours, to cross the blood/brain barrier. So why this is such a headline and so shocking is that there were a series of clips that I was presented with of the spokesmodels, the speak shows of the government agents saying ‘safe and effective, safe and effective’ to pregnant women and saying ‘it can’t possibly cross the placenta’. They told pregnant women that. And what’s so shocking about this note that it was authorized to treat brain tumours is that they knew exactly, not even experimentally, they knew prior to this that the things were putting in the vaccines cross the blood/brain barrier and thus cross the placental barrier. They knew! So once again, one more important piece of evidence in this case of mass murder.

Massmurder on an unprecedented scale.’