Why Not Bring Magic Back Into Your Life?

Why not bring magic back into your life? This is the longest day of the year. Litha in history and tradition. 

So many children, in their innocence and purity, see fairies and the spirits of the elements while their eyes are fully open. It’s sad to see how these magical little people are swept under the carpet and denied all the good work they accomplish on our behalf, and children cease to see or believe their own eyes. Unless their gift of second sight is strong they grow into adults devoid of the world of spirit and magic. They think and are told that it doesn’t exist. 

Today marks the zenith of solar power across the Earth. Swans, bulls, stags and horses are symbols of the festival of Litha, the time of the wild and fertile Green Man – the flourishing Oak God and the manifestations of growth and maturity. To do your own personal celebration of Litha, you can make a wand of thyrsus. Ask permission from your chosen tree for a branch. Strip the outer bark and sand it down, removing any thorns. Attach a pine cone to the top end with glue or attach a crystal using copper wire, String some beads or glue some crystals to your wand. Use small feathers, ivy and silk ribbons along the stem according to your choice. Dedicate your thyrsus to the Green Man – the Oak God and ask him to bless the wand. 

Respecting nature honours the pre-Christian deities, seeks truth and understanding through personal growth, and accepts the diversity and richness of different traditions. By working with Mother Nature and her sacred ways, as our ancestors did, there is no evil or devil, only the acknowledgement of opposing forces which can be worked with constructively for a positive purpose. Magic is always present, and invites us to remember the many occasions of which we have been granted a wish, saved from suffering, or rescued from difficulty. She is, at all times, calling for us to believe in her and to learn how to read the signs that show us the real ‘way to be’. 

Lithar – the longest day – the solstice, is the day when life force energies are at their strongest and most abundant. Stay close to Mother Nature, she has no tongue but she will speak her silent wisdom if you are willing to listen. 

When you stop following the crowd, the official narrative and those that follow it you start questioning things. You start listening to your gut feelings – that’s your wisdom. Nature will then call you and bring you closer to your heart.

We are all walking ‘barefoot’ right now, in unchartered territory and it’s very slippery. Never before in history has anyone walked on terrain so disturbing that it hurts deep in our soul. Those who are awake know this to be true.

With each conscious step we take connected to nature, we gain strength, courage and determination. We know that we must part ways with some people and walk alone and we must come to terms with that. But it’s always better to walk alone on the right path than with those taking you down the wrong one. You will soon learn though, that you are never alone and you will meet and connect with new friends, resonating at your level. For this new path you are walking on, not only teaches you the truth about the world, it shows you the truth about you, your soul and your life purpose.

Never before in history have there been darker times than now, and to the extent that we face the fact, the darkness that surrounds us will encourage us to discover the powerful light within us. 

As you keep walking down this path, you will soon start feeling stronger and wiser and more powerful than ever before. As the world that we knew falls apart, you will discover yourself like never before, and you will know that you can face anything.

Those that mob, mock and laugh at you as you discover the real truth are those who stand to lose most. You will find yourself growing stronger physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

It takes an enormous amount of strength to swim against this current, or more correctly, to endurethe evil spell. Nature, meditation and organic food are necessary to keep your vibration high. Walk barefoot daily natrue, hug a tree and absorb it’s life force energy, lie out in nature at night and gaze at the stars, drink lemon water every morning. Just arrange your schedule so that you can find time for connection with your inner wisdom. Spend time daily in nature with yourself, for yourself, in yourself.  

We’ve been through 2 years of massive ‘destruction and breakdown’. There’s no indication that things are going to be better for us within the foreseeable future. Our freedoms are being taken from us and we are being primed to obey whatever we are told to do and punished if we do not comply. We are bombarded with things that are destabilizing our mind set, gender and model of the world. Remember everything is interrelated, everything is and has been designed to focus on sickness, be compliant, servient, fearfull, weak, powerless, brainwashed and obedient.

We have been divided, made to fight, distracted, brainwashed, and indoctrinated to think that wrong is right and right is wrong. 

The restrictions have been destructive to our health, our will, our faith, our relationships, our work, our power and everything in our lives that is valued: family, spirituality, human connection, unity, creativity and love. All the things that make life worth living, because those are the things we will fight for. 

I have fought for these things for the past 2 years and I will continue to fight for them, because I want better things for my grandchildren than a life under totalitarian rule.  I will continue to fight for their freedom to the last beat of my heart.

Always and first and foremost, follow your own intuition and your own heart. Only then can you truly resonate in truth and live the gift that is your life.