Fight For The Children

August is here. The month the kids go back to school in Norway. What will it bring? The month the politicians reconvene and rev up the propaganda? What’s next? Will the narrative be full of language that terrifies most so they run for their mask, welcome lockdown and fire up the hate campaigns? Has the last 2 years of mind control smoothly paved the way for the whatever strategy that’s about to be launched?

What do they have in store for our poor children? Bums had hardly touched seats in 2021 before the kids were filed out to get the mystery serum jabbed into their young bodies. Not to mention the coercion and mobbing campaigns orchestrated by school leaders and teachers against the kids who wanted to say no.

Will they get the wokey wokey parents to stick the lethal pins up their kids noses to the blood brain barrier again? To do WHAT? To find what? Get the test registered and pump up the stats to speed up the process to get us all locked down again? The same pin that has been declared useless as a diagnostic tool by both the inventor (who mysteriously died shortly after the statement) and the WHO. Are the masses so well oiled they will just obey instead of thinking for themselves? After 2 years of heavy programming, only to discover it’s about coughs and colds that the world has always coped with, will they do it again? Is it because they are hooked into disease and diagnosis, so they can say they have a deadly disease – is it the vaccine induced shingles that they’re calling Monkeypox they want this time? Is there a secondary gain in pursuing sickness to control those around?
If you are honest, you will see and admit that the immune system of the masses has been effectively bulldozed by the jabs. Did they tell you that could happen when you gave your informed consent? If you are wise you’ll get in the thinking box and make some life preserving decisions about those needles.

Do as you wish, but the only thing I wish to say to you is keep the kids away from needles – ALL needles. Most young children are old souls, probably older than you are metaphysically. They are bearers of a wisdom the world needs. So leave them alone. You’ll thank yourself later.

Bravo Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters: