Government Abuse of Our Trust and Our Health Has Gone Too Far

Previously, before the pandemic I was somewhat sceptical to the childrens vaccination programme. That has changed – I am now, with good reason a full blown sceptic.

As people are dying in the hundreds of thousands and millions maimed after taking part in the ‘experiment’, I no longer believe that this is an experiment to protect health or related to a virus or disease. It’s a cover-up for something diabolical and beyond belief.

Whilst some countries are stopping the jabbing others are full steam ahead to get the lethal covid injections into as many as possible, especially children. The governments and regulatory bodies started with the elederly, and have worked their way down to the babies and pregnant mothers. 

Denmark has officially declared it will stop (for the time being) after a year of injecting their youngsters and seen that it has seriously damaged thousands of young hearts.

The UK is full on. While all eyes were on Boris they have sneaked it into the childrens’ vaccination programme. 

The FDA and CDC have approved the poison for children from 6 months and the poor unfortunate babies and children are being fatally injured and maimed by the horrors of the needle.

Just 2 days ago a doctor tweeted from the Emergency Room that they had a 7 year old girl in with multiple blood clots after she had 2 jabs.

The evil is beyond belief and nothing less than disaster lies ahead for the children of the world.

Big pharma now plans to put the poison that they call ‘covid vaccination’ into the MMR vaccine and start giving it to the children under the guise that it is protection.

The genocide that is well under way is to be accelerated to a new level.

Dr Andrew Wakefield: ‘Those people know nothing, know absolutely nothing about MMR vaccine safety, and they don’t even care. It’s Going to Be a Disaster – Pharma is Seeking to Integrate COVID Antigens With Childhood Vaccines.’

Big pharma, FDA, CDC, regulatory bodies and governments are not be trusted. They are not on your side, the side of the people and they are not on the side of the children.

In the words of Dr Tess Lawrie of the World Council for Health: The experimental covid-19 genetic vaccines are not normal vaccines, the abuse of our trust and our health has gone on for far too long. We must be our own regulatory bodies

We are all gifted with the power of choice. When many choose the same thing, this equates to a formidable power – a power that we can harness or we can give away. We can choose not to abide by these agencies that harm. We can take back our power and be our own regulatory bodies.

No more injections for healthy people until we receive full disclosure of ingredients, independent evaluation of efficacy, transparent, verifiable and long-term safety data, and financial compensation for all those injured by Big Pharma experiments to date.

This is just one way in which we can reclaim our sovereignty and our health. That means taking on the mantle of responsibility that many of us outsourced to these external organisations – but with that responsibility comes the freedom to make our own informed choices.

Going solo in this way can feel a little shaky at first – a bit like removing the stabilizers from a bike for the first time. Suddenly we have to really focus on our balance, because we are the only thing keeping us from falling off. 

They will stop at nothing. The only way to ensure you stay healthy and vital is to stay away from needles. Needless to say your life and the life of your children depends upon it.

In The Spirit of Truth