Army Flight Surgeon LtCol Theresa Long MD: There is Real and Imminent Risk to Aviation Safety

In 15 years of taking care of soldiers, I have never seen such potentially deadly medical conditions than after the covid 19 vaccine was introduced.

I am an aerospace medicine doctor. I have served in the officer ranks in the US army since 1991. The army as trained me as an expert in aerospace and occupational medicine.

My testimony here today is based on my first hand medical training, my background in public health, epidemiology research and as a flight surgeon

Senator, I have grave concerns about the health and safety of our servicemen and women. 

The Department of Defense, FDA and many other organizations are violating federal code. The vaccines are causing vaccine injuries to fighter pilots and their medical records are being falsified to cover up jab injuries. Injuries from brain tumors, cancer, and deadly heart conditions shows how the vaccines are injuring and grounding many young military pilots. The vaccine mandates have impacted health and safety of our servicemen degrading our national security. There are many vaccine injured pilots. Immunisation records are being altered to make it look as though the pilots are vaccinated after they develop myocarditis. I have discovered that there is pattern of alterations taking place in vaccine records. Falsification of medical records is a crime. 

In the absence of transparency and a functioning medical surveillance system, I believe that the information and expertise I gained from having accessed a group of 400 uncensored c-19 experts, I am uniquely equipped with invaluable insight into the emerging delitarious effects of the of the covid vaccine on aviation safety. As a brigade surgeon I am required to review the health of roughly 4000 young 20-30 year old pilots, air crew members and soldiers every month. I have to give an accounting to the commander for every pilot and air crew member whose medical condition prevents them participating in flight training. Biostatistical analysis of the past three years of these monthly health reviews shows alarming trends that started only after the introduction of the covid vaccination. These trends are more obvious because the people I observe are specifically chosen for aviation duties based on their superior level of health and fitness.

In 15 years of taking care of soldiers, I have never seen the litany of debilitating and potentially deadly medical conditions that included strokes, myocarditis, pericarditis, erratic heart rates, arrythmia, rapid onset and aggression of various cancers to include, testicular cancer, esophagus cancer, brain tumors, neuro-endocrine tumors or dysfunction, multiple sclerosis, cognitive impairment, persistent severe insomnia, suppression of the immune system, unprovoked clots, liver dysfunction, menstrual irregularities, miscarriages.

This cluster of medical conditions represents a dramatic shift in the acuity of medical conditions normally seen in the population of soldiers. When I reached out to the Army Public Health Command and numerous senior medical leaders about my safety concerns I was ignored. Threats against my career were made and no appropriate actions were taken to fully investigate the number and scope of adverse medical events after the vaccination.

Why are regulatory agencies ignoring the safety signals? The CDC director admitted that they gave false information on covid 19 vaccine safety monitoring. The very agencies Americans trusted to monitor the safety of this experimental vaccine admitted to being sound asleep at the wheel , while whistleblower doctors across the country who dared to raise concerns were demonized,, censured, silenced, reprimanded and retaliated against.

The impact of relentless coercion, intimidation, threats, abusive authority, blatant disregard for bodily autonomy and religious freedom has directly resulted in devastation to medical readiness in the form of failed recruiting and mass resignation.

When I trained at Fort Dietrich in the medical management of chemical and biological casualties, we were trained that the one thing that prevented adversaries from deploying bioweapons, was that in order for them to have a strategic impact, our enemies would have to have a delivery mechanism that would allow them to expose a large enough population of people in a short period of time before people knew they were being attacked. What if hundreds of millions of people would willingly allow themselves to be injected with a bioweapon? What if global mass vaccination could be accomplished in a short period of time by applying relentless coercion tactics and psychological operations to demoralize people into submission? 

I am compelled to inform you that after reviewing all the available evidence, I have concluded that NIH gain of function research lead to the development of a more lethal, more transmissible corona virus and that the same stakeholders involved in the development of this bioweapon leveraged the global terror and fear that this bioweapon produced, to advance a political narrative that would ultimately decimate individual rights and bodily autonomy by making them submit to injection that makes every recipients body manufacture the gain of function bioweapon spike protein. Again it is my professional medical opinion that a bioweapon was produced though gain of function technology, then an mRNA delivery system through mandatory vaccinations was used to strategically deliver the bioweapon into the body of millions upon millions of Americans and people around the World.

A flight certificate cannot be issued to any pilot that has taken a drug that has not been FDA approved for at least 12 months. Since there is no FDA approved vaccine available, every pilot who received a vaccine is flying in violation of FAA policy.

The FAA failed to safeguard aviation safety through adherence and compliance with their own aero medical policies. The covid vaccine complications present real and imminent risk to aviation safety. 

So to those of you who have perpetrated this global crime against humanity I say to you, all you have done in darkness is and will be brought to light.

Will you sleep soundly in your beds, warm by the fires of your republic burning around you? Will you bend to tyranny today and offer your children to evil? Let our children never say we were cowards in the face of evil.

Seek wisdom and pursue truth. Hold the line.