How Can You Give Informed Consent When You Are Not Informed

Dr Roger Hodkinson, Pathologist:

The science is settled. There’s an overwhelming consensus that nothing worked. Nothing could work, nothing did work and nothing will work. That includes the vaccinations which are not just unnecessary, experimental, untested and are actually killing people.

I want to take this moment to point a finger directly at the principle cause of why we’re all here today. And it’s not the government, no it’s us physicians, who have been intimidated by our colleges, both provincially and internationally. If physicians had not been intimidated, by the very body that’s supposed to protect you from me, if they’d been allowed to speak their mind, without the threat of losing their income, their positions, then an individual patient such as you and me in a closed examining room, would have been told the truth. THE TRUTH! They have been denied that ability to do that. We have had that for centuries. 

The 2 principle medical ethics have been trampled on: 1. DO NO HARM and 2. INFORMED CONSENT. First do harm has been trampled on. The mandates have killed as we’ve heard more people, many more people than they’ve saved. But INFORMED CONSENT – I would put it to you: HOW CAN YOU GIVE INFORMED CONSENT IF YOU ARE NOT INFORMED? And you have been denied information intentionally by the colleges that are supposed to protect you. So I say this, putting a point on it: the colleges of physicians and surgeons across this country and internationally, are co-conspirators with government in STATE SANCTIONED MURDER. Thank You.