The Original Medicine- Humans Need Life Force Energy to Survive, Not Synthetic Chemicals

What I’m going to tell you here now is overlooked even by modern day doctors. In the past, diseases were cured with natural foods and herbs because they knew that every natural food or herb contains 102 essential minerals that will chemically complement the human body because we are also composed of minerals and not chemicals.

A chemical is not a mineral and a mineral is not a chemical. Blood for example is made of iron and the lungs are made of sulfur. The brain is carbon and the cerebral cortex is copper. If the human body is made of minerals, just when a person lacks blood, what do they get? … Iron. If a person has infertility problems, what do they get? … Zinc! Why? simple, because human sperm is made of zinc.

Every organ in the human body corresponds to a mineral. This principle was known in the past as “Similia similibus curantur” (similar products are cured by similar products), as I said at the beginning that “every food or herb contains 102 essential minerals that will complement the human body”, because we are made of minerals.

“That is, if there is iron in our food and our blood is also made of iron, then there is a chemical affinity between the two minerals.” The medical law “Similia similibus curantur” was used by Claudio Galeno, Hippocrates and Imhotep, the Afrikan father of medicine, because these three important figures in real medicine shared the same philosophy of healing based on food and natural herbs… Thus said Hippocrates, “Let thy food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.”

But in the 1500s, there was a Dutch doctor known as Paracelsus. This man violated the natural medical law “as are healed by their fellows” and introduced a new law known as “Contraria contariis curantur” which would oppose “Similia similibus curantur” (the same ones who are cured par the same). This new European way of practicing medicine is today known as “allopathic medicine” or “chemical medicine.”

Europeans broke the laws of nature to use chemicals instead of natural plants. That’s what I’m saying here, and doctors don’t know either, because doctors are trained to work with chemists and not permitted to study the history of natural medicine. The big problem with chemicals is that they cause other diseases in the body because our bodies are made of minerals not chemicals. That is, the chemical + mineral body have no chemical affinity. The aim of European medicine is to treat the disease by eliminating the symptoms.

Already, natural law-abiding Afrikan medicine (as healed by fellows) has tried to tackle the causes of disease. In other words, ancient medicine said that if you have diabetes, it’s because you consume sugar. Already in modern medicine, when you have diabetes, they prescribe insulin instead of modifying the patient’s diet.

Current chemical-based medicine cannot cure people, because in European medicine it is important for people to get sick and endlessly keep buying the chemicals they make in their laboratories, generating them vast amounts of money. If European medicine taught people the causes of leprosy, they would no longer be able to make millions of dollars selling medicines to slaves.

The word “remedy” was invented by chemical medicine. The word “remedy” stands for “cure” not heal. So know that medicines don’t cure people, they instead attack the person’s symptoms rather than the cause.

Now that you know a little bit about fake European medicine, you’re now ready to understand the big fake “vitamins and proteins”. In order for the pharmaceutical industry to sell you vitamin, chloroquine, aspirin, protein or ampicillin they have to patent every product. This patent is a public subsidy, granted by the state, which guarantees its owner the exclusivity in the commercial exploitation of its creation.

In other words, the pharmaceutical industry is prohibited from using natural substances like zinc, iron phosphate or manganese phosphate which are found in nature — which is God’s farm. The pharmaceutical industry can only sell laboratory manipulated substances… but in order for this product to be marketed you must first must have a patent, and to have this patent you have to prove that this substance does not exist in nature… because not everything that is made by nature can be patented, that is why the pharmaceutical industry has no interest in working with natural things.

That’s why they work with chemicals (molecule manipulation) to exploit people. Whenever you put vitamin, ampicillin, cocaine, melanin or vitamin in your mouth, your body doesn’t recognize this molecule because it doesn’t obey the basic principle of “like is healed by the same” .

If your body doesn’t make vitamins, how will it identify something it doesn’t know about? Ok yeah errrr maybe… but Randy’s plants contain vitamins! It’s not true, they got you believing plants have vitamins while coming to sell you a vitamin… you got the idea that it’s natural, because no one would consent to put poison into their mouth. Since your body can’t recognize this molecule, it starts an elimination mechanism marketed as “side effects” of the remedy. This is why all cures and vaccines have side effects.

Some intellectuals notice today that we lack minerals, they sell people magnesium, iron, zinc and they brand them dietary supplements. But we cannot consume these things. What happens is that each plant contains 102 minerals that will nourish the body. What they are doing is separating the iron or magnesium from the remaining 101 minerals and calling it a ‘special’ mineral unlike the so-called salt minerals. You can’t separate “iron, magnesium, or iodine” from the remaining 101 minerals. When you do this, it becomes poison, because nature doesn’t do anything mono-basic but di-basic. In other words, you don’t have to complement your biological system with that “zinc, iron, or iodine” they sell there. You can’t level up with the natural benefits of plants because there won’t be just 1 mineral plus 101 different ones that will nourish your body on all levels.

You can’t fix the blood without fixing the kidneys? … the 102 minerals will nourish your body on all levels, now these iodine or iron supplements are already poison to protoplasm because they have been separated from the other 101 minerals.

When you see a drug that ends with “-in” like chloroquine, asocycline, aspirin, cocaine, quinine, melanin, protein or vitamins just know my friends it was created in a lab. Nature has nothing to do with “-in”

including caffeine or nicotine. These products are not natural… or are fruits of hybridization or manipulated in a European laboratories. Only plants can help you with iodine.

Real masters of medicine can’t wear white scrubs, because European science goes against everything that is certain from an Afrikan point of view. Now its up to each of us to follow Imhotep who used natural herbs or Paracelsus who started using chemicals. The struggle lies between being yourself and imposing yourself.

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