A Grandmother’s Nightmare – Truth and Lies About the So-Called “Vaccines”

Speaking to you as a person who cares about people and as a grandmother – my 7 grandchildren are my most precious and valued treasures and I live in a constant state of psychological terror on their behalf. For their future, their safety, freedom and well being.

I’m also afraid for others. The majority of my family members, friends and acquaintances have taken up to several of the jabs – and many of them are struggling with health issues.
The death rate of children in the EU has risen by 755% since the EU gave the go ahead to start jabbing them with the mRNA product that is incorrectly called a vaccine.
Every day hundreds of parents are placing their dead children in small coffins. And the children died after being jabbed with the mRNA which the parents were lead to believe was necessary, ‘safe and effective’
Nothing could be further from the truth…

So what is the truth and what are the lies – based upon facts
The greatest and most evil LIE lies in the language: The injections have and are still being called ‘vaccines’. They are not and have not been vaccines by any scientific measure.
Another LIE: is that the claim that they are ‘Safe and Effective’.
TRUE: The jab is killing and maiming people in the millions
TRUE: There is no plan to stop the jabbing
TRUE: They are planning to jab as many children as they can
LIE: Those refusing the jab were spreaders of covid and a danger to those around them
LIE: The unjabbed kill grandma
TRUE: The Witchhunt of the unjabbed was a demonstration of how evil can be accomplished by way of mass formation psychosis
TRUE: The jabbed are dying and getting ill in the millions and 96% of those dying in hospitals are jabbed
TRUE: The jabbed are the transmittors
TRUE: The immune system of the jabbed is seriously compromised; increasingly with each injection
TRUE: Previously healthy people in peak condition are dropping dead after the jab
TRUE: People are dying at a higher rate than ever before
TRUE: Soft tissue cancers have exploded in numbers – termed by many in the medical field as ‘turbo cancers’
TRUE: Pfizer was so shocked at the results of their own report on deaths and injuries from the jab that they immediately sealed it and wanted to keep it secret until 2096

Also TRUE a federal judge ruled in January 2022 that all Pfizer must reveal all the documentation in the report.
Not only are the vaccines not approved – they weren’t even tested for transmission before being hurriedly jabbed into the bodies of hundreds of millions of people. This was admitted on open camera in a recent hearing in the EU parliament by Pfizer Director Janine Small. Quote: ‘Regarding the question around did we know about stopping immunisation before it entered the market? No. Em.. you know we really had to move at the speed of science to really understand what is taking place in the market’.
People have been in an induced state of fear of catching something that it turns out was the re-labelling of the common cold and flu.

We are seeing people dropping dead all around us, hundreds of athletes in peak condition dropping dead, artists performers dropping dead, 80 young Canadian doctors died within 3 months. I am hearing every single day stories of people I know with blood clots, myocarditis, lumps in the tissues of their bodies – here in Norway 3 out of 3 female friends, one being a celebrity have all developed cancer within weeks of each other. 2 media profiles have ‘died suddenly’ within 2 days of each other here in Norway. A woman of 85 starting menstruating again after nr 3, at least 10 young athletes I know have myocarditis, a mother and son, the son being jabbed the mother not, went to their GP to get a D Dimer test and the son’s blood is showing significant signs of blood clotting. On a lighter note I met a woman in her 70s yesterday who had just come from her mothers 105 year old birthday celebration. Out of 6 in her residential group she was the only unjabbed person, because instructions were given by her daughter – and now she’s the only one left living.

I wonder what all the coercing influencers are thinking and feeling now, those who pushed this to get a bit more significance and a few more bucks. Not to mention the pitbull media journalists whose venomous pens freely and aggressively attacked the ‘unvaccinated’ – worshipped and egged on by their ‘fans’, pumping up their hungering egos to display more spew outs of their poisonous attitudes. They know who they are…

Director General for Health Canada Dr. Celia Lourenco, has also newly admitted under oath that the injections have not been tested on PEOPLE. She explained that the trials were now underway on 80% of an unbeknowing Canadian population, with no informed consent from the individuals that they are participating in a gigantic and deadly medical experiement.
Doctors have taken the oath ‘DO NO HARM’ – that means do not harm people – their patients. So those speaking out should be applauded for telling the truths – they are obliged to do that. And for that they are being punished, it seems governments don’t want smart, passionate physicians & scientists. They smear them, lie about them, censor them – and deplatform them and anyone else with information that conflicts with the official narrative.

The mRNA inventor and leading virologist Dr Robert Malone has been de-platformed and vilified for speaking out. Dr Malone’s message is very clear and specific when it comes to children and I quote: The reason they’re giving you to vaccinate your child is a lie. The contents of what they are calling ‘vaccine’ can cause permanent damage to children’s brain, nervous system, hearts and blood vessels, reproductive system and this product can destroy their immune system. These damages, once they occur, are irreparable. None of the damage can be fixed.
(See videos in this blogpost)

Leading author and virologist Dr Judy Mikovits says and I quote: Never ever get another shot, don’t watch that poison on TV, fear is the virus. Do not believe what they are telling you”.
What I find most terrifying are the words of researcher and medical doctor Andrew Wakefield. Also vilified and I quote: “Pharma is going to integrate covid vaccines into MMR and other childhood vaccines. It’s going to be a disaster and they don’t care. There’s absolutely no safety for children. Stop vaccinating them.” (See video in this blogpost)

So for me it doesn’t matter who’s jabbed and unjabbed, my message is the same to all:
We don’t have time to close our eyes
We don’t have time to wait and see what happens to the children
We don’t have time to sit still
We have no children to lose
We are fighting for the children’s future
We don’t have time to spend on those who won’t wake up
We don’t have time to bother about whether they will stay friends with us
It’s time to show up, to SHOW COURAGE and stand up for the children’s future
It’s time to stop pretending
It’s time to acknowledge that this is about something much more important than money and ego
It’s time to be a beacon of light for the children
It’s time to do something safeguard their future

Links to published statistics confirming what I’ve just said can be found on my Telegram Channel Truthseeker Spirit and my blog The times we are living in now are of biblical proportions and will be remembered and spoken of for thousands of years to come.

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