A Grandmother’s Nightmare 2

There’s been some new developments in the last week can you tell us a bit about them?

Here in Norway it’s all over the media that there is a so called vaccine for the flu in the form of a nasal spray. The public health authorities are putting it out that children are in greater danger this season for the flu. How do they know that? And how can they have a so called vaccine ready up front? How do they know which virus or pathogen it is before it’s here – and manage to have a vaccine on the market?

And this so called vaccine – how specifically has it been tested? What is in this nasal spray I wonder? Where’s the solid research? THERE IS NONE! In fact it comes with the declaration: ‘no safety data available’. And this they intend to squirt into our children and have it absorbed though the mucous membranes and circulate through their little bodies. Our children, those we love and cheerish most in our lives. It’s beyond belief that anyone wants to do this to their own, or anyone else’s child.

It sounds horrific to think something dangerous can be administered to the children

Everything about the whole vaccine frenzy is horrific. How do we know what’s being done to the little children in kindergartens and in schools? And we know that horrific things have happened when it comes to the jabbing – taking place against parental consent. We know that in California kids have been jabbed at school and instructed not to tell their parents.

Since it’s common knowledge that Pfizer admitted in an EU parliament hearing that what they are calling a vaccine was never tested before it was rolled out, wouldn’t it be reasonable to expect that the media would have been all over it? Not a word. And it’s also admitted by the CDC that the boosters have only been tested on 8 mice – but now rolled out all over the world – not a word in the press.

So if it wasn’t tested for transmission prior to rollout – what was it tested for? And how could governments give the green light to push it onto citizens, without informed consent, under the pretences it was a personal choice, while orchestrating a massive cloak and dagger operation of coercion, and divide and conquer?

How many people are injured in Norway by this so called vaccine?

In Norway there are registered some 60 000 cases of vaccine injury. The public health authorities maintain ‘the registered cases are being treated. What do they mean when they use such language? What specifically does being  ‘treated’ mean? Do they mean simply admistrative or medically or both? And since there are so many injuries, why aren’t they covered in the media? Why aren’t their special departments or clinics to treat these poor people?  Some researchers maintain that the injuries or side effects are not side effects, but are rather desired effects.

A new professional association for doctors and health personnel in Norway has been formed. This weekend 19th november they are holding an international conference with some of the leading names in medicine who are cracking open the narrative and exposing the true facts about what the jab is doing. I hope many doctors and health personnel working for the state will attend and learn something more than they’ve been instructed to say i.e. some real truths from the speakers.

The authorities have forgotten that we humans have an amazing immune system and that getting a disease is the only safe and effective vaccination on Earth. But they are now hunting down the children with a so called vaccine, now in a nasal spray – the contents of which are unknown and without a doubt part of the agenda to get what was never tested in our children. In the marketing they write ‘children won’t have to get the needle now the spray is here’. That is a massive linguistic presupposition using hypnotic language that the children will be given it. Pfizer and others have signalled their intentions to mix the covid cocktail into other vaccines and products.

Any method of delivery of any unknown substance termed as vaccines or tests, be it by needle, spray, swabs in these times, warrants extremely critical thinking and questioning. Or anything else entering the bodies of our children. Time will tell what happens to those children who have such indifferent, ignorant and stupid parents who let this happen to them. It might seem convenient and innocent (‘it’s just a nasal spray’) but is without any form of security data. Convenient has never been synonymous with safety and health-promotion. Those who are persuading parents and maintaining that what they are doing is harmless to the children must be brought to account. 

Well, it seems children certainly need some good protection from parents that are awake to what’s happening

Yes they certainly do. Children are not to be regarded as consumer goods – used to make others rich. But they are being hunted throughout childhood with syringes – and now sprays with unknown and untested contents. Children should have flu and colds. This is how they build their immune system. They must have a natural upbringing and develop a healthy, robust immune system. 

It’s crazy to see how many people are fooled by vaccine manufacturers and the media pushers. What used to be taught from the older generations to the younger generation disappeared with smart phones and reality TV shows.

Yesterday I saw an interview with a Canadian doctor and the estimates are that 20 million people have died from the vaccine and

2 billion people have been injured. We also know that it is a fact that there is now something called turbo cancer.

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