The Poison Poke

I can tell you I’m not the only worried grandparent. I’ve been speaking to quite a few other grandparents, and parents who are sharing the same concerns as me

Here a quick summary of some recent events which come from credible sources:

A 14 month old child sudden death here in Norway, breast fed by a jabbed mother.

A doctor has died leaving his heavily pregnant wife and two small children.

A baby starts to menstruate at 9 months old – before she can walk.

A 10 yr old girl collapses at school in Wakefield in the UK of a brain haemorrhage and died Rai-Leyah Saddique

The 4 yr old Argentian boy Santino Blanco used as the poster boy for vaccines in Brazil is now dead.

The Irish Mirror reports a 14 yr old boy dies after jab. The Coronor Pat O’Connor fra County Mayo, Irland, says there is ’cause for serious public concern’. Joseph McGinty was jabbed with Pfizer 20. august 2021 and died 3 weeks later.

True: A Baby had a blood clot while still in his mothers womb. After he was born he had to have his arm amputated.

If the word catastrophe would ever be insufficient to describe a situation inflicted upon the nations of the world it is now. 

Listening to the news today, The Public Health Institute in Norway recommends a booster dose for all pregnant women! That’s insane! They should advise against it after 196 registered side effects in the Pregnancy and after delivery. No pregnant women should be advised to take it. Why are pregnant women or anyone for that matter be recommended to put anything into their bodies that is killing and maiming people in the millions. 7,353 cases of serious side effects have been registered in Norway. Half of those with serious side effects have been admitted to hospital. A total of 70,000 reported side effects much suffering, so many ruined lives. From next week the covid pill Paxlovid is to be sold in the chemists in Norway. 

True: Australian doctors and health personnel have been thrown under the bus by the Australian government. The government has mislead health practitioners into believing they are covered by a government medical indemnity scheme. Well now the government tells them they are not and health practitioners can now be sued by those injured by the covid vaccines and by the families of those killed.

True: Different batches are being delivered to different geographical locations. No-one knows what’s going where or what’s in them.

True: The test that used to be a covid test is now suddenly marketed as a test for covid/influensa – so there you are – it was never anything else than the flu.

True: What’s happening in schools has changed. Here in Norway there is a book called Fabel 10 that instructs pupils to role play: 

One is a hesitant pupil who doesn’t want to take the jab.

The other is a health practitioner/doctor whose job it is to calm and convince the other to take the jab.

In a school close by to me the pupils have been asked to write an essay ‘Why is the vaccine good?’

So it’s true that indoctrination is taking place – on a massive scale in some places. They are messing with the minds of the children.

True: A study has been released on the tactics that are being used to silence doctors.

True: Health policy has been devolved. They tell the population that they need injections, which in turn make them sick, so they can say they need more injections.

True: The media has abdicated from its role as a power to protect the people. They are now exclusively the governments’ and the vaccine industry’s marketing and disciplinary bodies. Professionals are mocked, censored and kept out of the public debate. However, the media exerted itself this week since they have given the massive protests that are taking place in China some coverage.

True: 50 000 more ambulance assignments in Norway in 2022 compared to other years.

True: Swiss heart specialist Dr Thomas Binder has made a video telling of how he was forced into a psychiatric hospital for speaking the truth. In order to be released he had to comply to take psykopharma and to prove that he had done this he had to take regular urine and blood tests.

True: In Ontario there has been talk of drugging the unvaccinated into compliance.

True: The documentary film Died Suddenly has been released and just in the first week has been viewed by over 10 million people.

I wrote a message to my children when this film came out: ‘Choose to see this or not, the fact remains it is sent in good faith to educate you and protect my grandchildren. Wilfull blindness is over now. The cold hard facts are now laid out’.

True: Denmark has forbidden covid jabs for all under 50 and even Australia, who has been one of the worst jabbing countries has forbidden it for all under 30. Yet the government in Norway is badgering young people with text messages recommending them to get jabbed. And despite that this is the group most at risk for injuries – with hundreds injured and suffering from myocarditis. With thousands of young women suffering from severe problems with their reproductive system, many bent double with pain and bleeding excessively for weeks and months on end. Why is the government doing this?

Well, we’ve had some top global names in the field of medicine in Oslo who are speaking out. The Oslo International Conference was a great success. Many leading medical experts came to Norway and delivered keynote speeches with undeniable truths. Professor Astrid Stuckelberger, Profesor Christian Peronne, Pathologist Ryan Cole, Cardiologist Aseem Malhotra, Dr Aleksandra Henrion-Caude, Dr Meryl Nass all in complete agreement that the so called vaccines are not vaccines, they are poison and should never enter the human body. And regarding just what the poison is doing inside the body Pathologist Dr Ryan Cole states: ‘I invite any colleague, from around the world, to sit at my microscope, and observe the truth, and set aside their purchased pride. The cells don’t lie!’

Dr Aseem Malhotra says the phrase ‘trust the science’ is one of the most unscientific statements, because medicine first of all is not an exact science, it’s an applied science, it’s not like physics of chemistry and the evidence changes. ‘We’re taught that 50% of what we learn in medical school will turn out to be outdated or dead wrong within 5 yrs of our graduation. Anthony Fauci does not seem to have a basice understanding of evidence-based medicine from what I’ve seen. In reality when we say ‘trust the science’ in effect – we’re saying ‘trust the psycopath’. 

True: Norwegian Minister of Health says the government will give the population another injection as a gift. Speaking on her own behalf she says she will not be getting it …

True: A leading virologist in Norway has spoken out against the government stating that there is absolutely no reason for more jabs. What I do hesitate over though is that she says this applies to the under 65s. Well, based on what we see all around the world with deaths caused by the jab, coupled with the fact that Pfizer have admitted that it was never tested for transmission, why should any age group be recommended to take it?

It seems that many are heading for the queue to the sink to wash their hands and shed responsibility for the mass murder that’s taking place.

True: Rumours are being put out of a Measles epidemic – to scare parents to give their children a MMR jab – which supposedly has the lethal mRNA mixed into it.

True: Pfizer is rushing to produce more jabs for pregnant women.

True: Boosters are not tested on either animals or humans before being rushed to the market.

True: CDC quietly confirms that at least 118 000 children and youths have ‘died suddenly’ since the jabbing with the covid vaccines started.

True: Pfizer CEO Dr. Bourla is found guilty by the UK’s pharmaceutical regulator for making misleading statements on vaccinating children. The parent campaign group that reported Bourla: ‘There is simply no evidence that healthy schoolchildren in the UK are at risk and to imply that they are is disgracefully misleading,’ the complaint said. PMCPA convened a code of practice panel that found that
Dr. Bourla had indeed violated the code of practice in a several ways, including failure to present information to the public in a factual and balanced manner, misleading the public, and making claims that cannot be substantiated.

Preben Aavitsland of The Institute for Public Health tweeted this week ‘The pandemic is a gift to totalitarian regimes: an excuse to exercise total control on the population.’ 

To take complete control the masses there are four necessary destabilising methods: massive fear and disruption by way of disease, war, climate and food. During crises, evil forces emerge. Those who have that inside them get a great opportunity to step onto the stage. They play the part with fear, lies, persecution, manipulation, mass formation hypnosis, coercion, pressure and exploitation. We are witnessing all of this.

True: The censoreship is massive and Google and Youtube have invested 130 million Norwegian crowns to tighten their grip on truth and free speech. Just remember when something is removed or censored regarding the pandemic and jabs – it’s the truth.

It’s hard to imagine a more stupid or dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of those people who pay no price for being wrong and destroying your life and the lives of your loved ones and those around you.

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