Denial, Mind Control and Poison

In my endeavour to tell the truth about the lies, corruption and lethal covid jabs, I often get frustrated, indeed sad because so many people are in denial.

There has been a death in my family this week. A 50 year old female who was previously healthy died suddenly. She went to hospital after becoming unwell and died within hours. The family has been informed she had a burst blood clot which caused major organ failure. There is not a shadow of doubt in my mind that this is a classic case of SADS Sudden Adult Death Syndrome caused by the poisonous covid jabs. The ‘spokesman’ for the family who informed me is himself all jabbed up and in such militant denial about the dangers of the covid jabs that he is severely provoked by any suggestion that they are dangerous.

Putting oneself through the process of awakening is a great personal challenge. Unfortunately this maybe impossible for the wilfully blind.

The worlds population is in denial
Humanity are in denial

Despite the divide and conquer, the harsh words and deeds, I am grateful for the wisdom of adversity. Adversity is what has helped me remain strong and stable throughout my 69 years. My life’s work is devoted to serve humanity, those that need to heal and nurturing all that is natural.

Mother Earth has been harmed by human ignorance and she is violated daily by the greedy mischievous souls who have learned how to make mountains of money, but lack the spiritual integrity to serve the greater good of humanity. My greatest wish is that Mother Earth’s signature frequency be restored, and the satanic destructive technologies that poison her atmosphere, air and elements, be transmuted into a life giving essence.

Man provoked by truth
Man provoked by truth

May the poison that is being sprayed on all of us via chemtrails and weather warfare be stopped now and the true natural abundance of life be restored. May the human species receive protection, higher consciousness and healing.

Right now humanity is under an evil spell that is held in place by hypnotic mind control. May humanity realize this and awaken to the evil and return to their connection to all of life, everywhere. 

I pray that the globalist infrastructure of control be broken, that the poisonous vaccine contents and nanotechnology be deactivated and detoxified, and all antidotes be known and available to all of humanity. 


I ask that The Universal Law of Tenfold Return activate and deal accordingly with the intentions and actions of those who follow Satan, the destroyer and deceiver. I ask that the Powers of the Universe deal with the Satanists and that they and all who support them be dealt with swiftly.   Let those who sold their soul for power and greed receive instant and absolute Karma.

May those with evil intentions and perform evil deeds on humanity via predictive programming, Event 201, Crimson Contagion and the evil of Hollywood, know that humanity does not and will not consent to their plans. May all curses be lifted, dissolved, and be powerless in the face of absolute divine knowledge.

Let there be cracks that spread through the superstructure and truths long denied seep out.

Grant those who fight oppression and evil in the world support, protection, blessings and be helped by the powers of the seen and unseen. May the people be freed from their oppressors on all levels.

May those responsible for the democide and genocide be brought to justice and prosecuted to the highest degree of the law. Let the true meaning and practice of the law return , and all abuse of power be justly stopped.´

Let those in positions of power, illegitimate private corporations in control of governments, courts, justices, military, intelligence, media, Big Pharma and the allopathic medical system in service of the evil agenda of depopulation be exposed.  All who have sold their soul and are in service of satanic evil be revealed and prosecuted. Their deception brought to light in all ways and justice be dealt with swiftly.

May parents have no denial of the fact that their children are in great danger. May they understand that governments are no longer caretakers of the population, but are serving globalist and Big Pharma agendas. May all parents awaken to the knowledge that indoctrination programmes are taking place in schools that are grooming their children for a life of total control and medical tyranny. May parents be weaponised by higher consciousness and heightened knowledge so as to be impenetrable shields of protection for their children. May all parents refuse all vaccination programmes and monitor every book, lesson, teacher and tool in the education of their children.

May The Sword of Truth be incorruptible and unbreakable.  May the Power of The Universe inspire all to self-activate and apply their innate divine wisdom and knowledge. Bring to the mind and heart of each individual the solutions of healing and free energy.  

We have awakened and are slaves no more.