Edward has a vaccine injury and had to help himself

Edward took his first injection Summer 2021. He experienced heart fluttering and went to his doctor to seek help. Early Autumn, 4 days after Edward took the second shot he got worried. His symptoms got worse, his heart flutterings increased and he had pressure in his neck and chest, he was losing his energy day the day. After his working day he had no energy and all he could do was lie down. He went back to his doctor who took an ECG, but because the heart flutterings they were not picked up in the short time the machine was registering his heart. 

“The doctors were trying to link my symptoms to previous medical history. They were extremely objective and missing the point about my symptons and how I felt. It was a very slow process and I had to push them. When they finally agreed to run the 24 hour ECG test on my heart, they told me it would not be done until next year, which was months ahead. I realized then that the help coming from the doctor was only going to happen after I educated the doctor.

Because of the slowness with the doctors I started contacting friends and came into a contact with a doctor in India who had a lot of experience with covid. He was on the front line fighting the disease and had a lot of experience with the vaccine related sequels. I explained my symptoms and he told me that it was very likely that I had myocarditis, inflammation of the heart. By then I had lost a lot of energy and I was feeling really bad. He told me which medicines to take and the protocols for taking it. I had to find a way to get the medicine. I found it in Mexico whilst I was on a business trip. The  pharmacies are far more relaxed there and luckily I was able to buy it without a prescription and start medicating myself. That is something that I continue to do under the advice of the doctor in India. I started self-medicating myself in November and after 2 days I was feeling much better. Since then I have had good progress and have improved to 85% of where I was before the injections.  I now have energy and do activities with my kids. Before I started with the medicine it was too much to go out to dinner. So I stay in contact with the doctor in India and he told me to continue with the medicine at a low dose for 3 more months. 

I see absolutely no reason or know of any good argument for vaccinating the children.  Regarding the covid certificate, I think those that want to get the vaccine, then let them.

But in order to get the vaccine to travel for work I have no good feeling about it, it does not feel correct. Let the people who are full of fear take it, but to force people directly or indirectly is curtailing peoples’ liberty. 

Work is asking about the 3rd injection. To tell the truth I have had such adverse reactions to the first two injections that I am concerned about taking a 3d shot. Healthwise I am much more concerned about a 3rd shot than I am about getting the corona virus. The vaccine has created sequels for me that were very concerning, because I need my heart for another 50 years. I was very concerned for getting permanent heart problems, and I was very concerned that the doctors are making me wait 6 months to give an answer. In my case my body has reacted very negatively to the vaccine